Beijing Fengtai Donggaodi street market supervision institute has taken many measures to carry out special inspections of summer seasonal food
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In order to further maintain the good operation order of the summer seasonal commodity market and ensure the food safety of consumers, Donggaodi Street Market Supervision Institute recently launched a special inspection of summer seasonal commodities.
First, strengthen the quality and safety of summer food. Focus on the food production and operation households such as large and medium-sized supermarkets, ice cream wholesale stores, on-site milk tea and cold drink stores, and achieve”four inspections”:one is to inspect the business qualification, check whether it has the production and operation qualification, and whether there is any production and operation beyond the scope. Second, check the commodity packaging, and strictly check the production date and shelf life of major cold drinks in summer, such as beverages, ice cream, popsicles, etc. Third, check the supply chain, check the supplier qualification and the establishment and perfection of the purchase and sales account, and see whether the source can be checked and the destination can be traced. 4. Check the site specifications, check the hygiene conditions, storage conditions of food and raw materials, standardized operation of personnel, cleaning and disinfection of tableware, etc.
The second is to strengthen the inspection of price law enforcement. Comprehensively cover the key places such as large supermarkets, convenience stores and cold drinks stores under the jurisdiction, and check whether the business entity clearly marks the price according to law, whether there is misleading price and price fraud.
Third, strengthen the role of publicity and guidance. Publicize the”Regulations on clearly marked price and prohibition of price fraud” to the operators through the announcement of the merchant group, distribute more than 80 copies of the”clearly marked price reminder and warning letter”, and sign 65 copies of the”price integrity commitment letter”, require the operators to make the clearly marked price, true and accurate, the goods label is aligned, and the logo is eye-catching, remind the operators to replace the price label in time when adjusting the product price, and effectively regulate the operators’ clearly marked price behavior, Stabilize the market price order.
Fourth, smooth the channels of complaints and reports. Make full use of the 12315 complaint reporting platform and post the publicity phone number in the business place in time. In case of emergencies that seriously infringe upon the rights and interests of consumers, such as bid up prices and price fraud, law enforcement officers shall rush to the scene within half an hour, stop and investigate and deal with price violations according to law within one hour, and properly handle price disputes and public opinion.
Next, Donggaodi street market supervision institute will continue to strengthen the supervision and inspection of summer summer food business units, strengthen food safety and price supervision, and protect the”coolness on the tip of the tongue” of summer people
Written by:Zhong Yuan
Contributor:Donggaodi Street Market Office