Bayer Malawi branch launched grain protective agent k-obiol to protect corn from stored grain pests
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   世界农化网中文网报道: 最近,拜耳马拉维分公司推出了一款保护玉米免受贮粮害虫(如玉米象)侵害的全新产品K-Obiol,持效时间长达6个月,为农民提供能在市场上获得的最佳价值。

K-obiol contains deltamethrin, which acts in synergy with piperonyl butyl ether to control a variety of stored grain pests known to infect grains and beans.
Chiko, country head of Bayer Malawi branchNDI ng’ombe was on Wednesday in malembo traditio, Lilongwe districtWhen releasing the product, mtsindo village of nal authority khongoni said that although there are countless plant protection products on the market, the company values the safety, cost performance, protection time and effectiveness of the products.
“Our products adopt advanced technology that has been tested all over the world, which can protect corn from the damage of corn weevil, and the duration of effect is as long as six months. A bottle of 200 grams of products can protect six bags of 50 kilograms of products for six months.
In addition to the long protection time, the product is odor free and safe. This is the best value that people can get in the market so far,”ng’ombe said.
She said that this product will help farmers get more benefits from their harvest, which is in line with Bayer’s brand proposition, that is, to ensure human health and eliminate hunger through crop science.
“We also launched the herbicide auxo a few months ago. This efficient weed solution can reduce the input cost of labor. In Bayer, we finally yearn for and dream of seeing a better world, where everyone is healthy and there is no hunger,”ng’ombe said.
Farmer Dickson Misi has been using delkab, another product of Bayer Malawi. He praised k-obiol of the company and said he would get more benefits from seeds and plant protection products.
“I want to thank Bayer Malawi branch for providing seeds and plant protection products, which enable me to take care of my family, including allowing my children to receive secondary education,” Misi said.