Baise market supervision and administration bureau food safety supervision and sampling information announcement (issue 11, 2022)
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Baise municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau organized a sampling inspection of 305 batches of samples of catering food, edible oil, grease and its products, edible agricultural products and other three categories of food, and 305 batches of qualified samples of sampling inspection items. The specific situation is:all sampling samples follow the principle of random sampling, sampling 149 batches of catering food samples and 149 batches of qualified samples; 9 batches of edible oil, grease and their products, and 9 batches of qualified samples; 147 batches of edible agricultural products samples, 147 batches of qualified samples, and no unqualified samples were detected. It is hereby announced.
Baise market supervision and Administration Bureau
July 7, 2022
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