Authoritative interpretation | gb/t 10781.2-2022 national standard of Baijiu quality requirements Part 2:fragrant Baijiu
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On July 11, 2022, the National Standardization Administration Committee issued the”announcement of Chinese National Standard No. 8 in 2022″, and the national standard gb/t 10781.2-2022″quality requirements for Baijiu Part 2:fragrant Baijiu” was officially issued on July 11, 2022. This standard replaces gb/t 10781.2-2006″fragrant Baijiu”, and the implementation date is February 1, 2023. This revision is the second revision of this standard.
The main changes of this revision are as follows:
Authoritative interpretation | gb/t 10781.2-2022 national standard of Baijiu quality requirements Part 2:fragrant Baijiuimage 

Standard name
According to the specific requirements and preliminary conclusions of the review of recommended national standards, it is suggested to integrate all the standards of Baijiu series products into some standards, and clarify that this standard is a quality standard. It is also reflected in the name of the standard, which is changed to the series of standards of gb/t 10781″quality requirements for Baijiu”, and this part is the second part of gb/t 10781. Therefore, the name of this standard is revised to”quality requirements for Baijiu Part 2:fragrant Baijiu”. At the same time, in order to enhance cultural confidence and accurately express the connotation of Baijiu, the English of Baijiu is revised to”Baijiu” for international exchange.
The national standard”quality requirements for Baijiu” is proposed to be divided into 15 parts, and five parts have been released, including:
— Part 1:Luzhou flavor Baijiu;
— Part 2:fragrant Baijiu;
— Part 8:thick sauce and flavor Baijiu;
— Part 9:sesame flavor Baijiu;
— Part 11:fragrant Baijiu.

Under natural conditions, organic acids, alcohols and esters of Baijiu will undergo reversible mutual conversion reactions, and the reversible mutual conversion time and speed of esters of different products are also different, which is the natural attribute of Baijiu. In this revision, an introduction is added to explain the objective law of acid ester balance in Baijiu during storage, reflecting the essential characteristics of the product, which is conducive to the accurate understanding and use of this standard by relevant parties.

Terms and definitions
On the basis of the original definition of Qingxiang Baijiu, the production process characteristics of Qingxiang Baijiu are systematically summarized. From the aspects of raw materials, saccharifying leavening agents, fermentation containers, process characteristics, etc., it is further clarified that Daqu, Xiaoqu or bran koji and yeast can be used as saccharifying leavening agents in the production of Qingxiang Baijiu, and tanks and pools can be used as fermentation containers. At the same time, it is stipulated that edible alcohol and other color, aroma and taste substances that are not fermented by Baijiu should not be added directly or indirectly, It is more strictly differentiated from the products of solid Baijiu and liquid Baijiu.
In order to adapt to the changes in the taste of consumers, according to the changing trend of the product style of light flavor Baijiu, the description of”compound flavor with ethyl acetate as the main body” was canceled in the definition to better guide product development.
 Authoritative interpretation | gb/t 10781.2-2022 national standard of Baijiu quality requirements Part 2:fragrant Baijiuimage(1)

Product classification
This revision cancels the classification of products according to alcohol level, and no longer distinguishes between high alcohol and low alcohol, so as to solve the problem of vague boundaries between high alcohol and low alcohol in the original standard.

Sensory requirements
Baijiu is a traditional hobby food. The expression of sensory requirements should reflect both professionalism and popularity, so as to facilitate professional identification and guide consumption. Therefore, the drafting working group, on the basis of fully drawing lessons from the professional evaluation expression of different fragrance Baijiu products, comprehensively reflects the sensory commonness and characteristics, fully reflects the characteristics of fragrance Baijiu products, is conducive to the inspection of quality supervision institutions, correctly guides consumers to evaluate and appreciate the special flavor of fragrance Baijiu.

Physical and chemical requirements
According to industry research and sample analysis, under natural conditions, Baijiu has physical and chemical changes in the storage process, which is a dynamic equilibrium process. In particular, after a period of storage, low alcohol flavor Baijiu has acid and ester mutual conversion, and the total ester content decreases, while the total acid content increases. Therefore, in order to objectively and scientifically reflect the acid ester balance in Qingxiang Baijiu, the acid and ester will be combined after one year of storage in this standard revision.

Deleted food safety requirements
In order to thoroughly clarify the relationship between food quality standards and food safety standards, and scientifically and reasonably build a national food quality standard system, the State Administration of market supervision has carried out the cleaning up of national food quality standards, making it clear that food quality standards no longer involve food safety indicators and requirements.
The national food safety standard is a mandatory standard. No matter whether this standard is quoted or not, the manufacturer shall implement and comply with the requirements of relevant food safety standards.

The product type of prepackaged products should be marked as”solid Baijiu”, which is conducive to the correct understanding of product information by consumers and other stakeholders.
Before the implementation date of this standard (February 1st, 2023), manufacturers can still implement the original standard (gb/t 10781.2-2006). During the transition period of the implementation of this standard, they should reasonably arrange the use plan of packaging materials and successfully complete the connection between the old and new labels of products. After the formal implementation of this standard, products adopting this standard should be marked with”solid Baijiu” in the label.