Austria’s export of infant formula milk powder with glycidyl ester exceeding the standard was notified
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   Food partner online newsAccording to the European Union food and feed rapid warning system (RASFF), on July 14, 2022, Austria notified through RASFF that its export of infant formula milk powder was unqualified. The specific notification information is as follows:

Notification time

Notifying country

Notification products


Reason for notification

Sales status/action taken

Notification type



Infant formula

two thousand and twenty-two point four one two three

Glycidyl ester exceeds the standard (9.7 ± 3.5 µ g/kg)

The product has not been put on the market/notify the recipient

Pay attention to information notification

Food partner network reminds all export enterprises to export products in strict accordance with the requirements of importing countries to ensure the safety of food and related products and avoid export risks.