Are the tableware safe when dining out? The special spot check of Tangshan Market Supervision Bureau is coming
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Are tableware disinfected in place? Are there any bacteria? Whether there is detergent residue… Is a common concern of consumers when eating out. Especially in summer, when the temperature is high, if the tableware disinfection is unqualified, it is easy to cause the rapid proliferation of bacteria, cause foodborne diseases or cause food poisoning.
In order to eliminate potential food safety hazards, strengthen food safety supervision in catering services and ensure the health of consumers, Tangshan Market Supervision Bureau has carried out emergency sampling inspection of catering utensils in summer since mid July.
This emergency sampling inspection is a supervision sampling inspection, which is guided by the discovery of problems. It is planned to complete 600 batches, all of which are reusable tableware. The catering units will conduct self disinfection and centralized cleaning and disinfection according to the proportion of 2:1.
This sampling inspection covers the administrative areas of the city, mainly large, medium and small catering service units, catering service units in tourist attractions, enterprises, school (kindergarten) canteens, with special emphasis on random sampling from school (kindergarten) canteens and site canteens, focusing on whether the relevant indicators of E. coli and anionic synthetic detergent on tableware are qualified.
The units that use unqualified tableware in sampling inspection will be checked and disposed in strict accordance with the requirements of”five in place”, pay attention to the investigation of causes, improve regulatory measures, promote the rectification of problematic units and the improvement and improvement of industry wide supervision, and ensure that the masses use”dishes and chopsticks” with confidence.
Source:food safety sampling and Monitoring Division