Arab League approves Sudan Food Security Initiative
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The Sudan news agency reported on July 26 that the special session of the economic and Social Council held at the headquarters of the Arab League in Cairo on July 25 approved the Sudan’s food security initiative. Abubakr Omar busra, acting Minister of agriculture and forestry of the Sudan, revealed in a statement that the meeting approved Sudan’s food security initiative, thereby providing full funding for all food security projects in the Sudan. Busra pointed out that the Ministry of agriculture and forestry has formulated an emergency project to support the planting of 1million acres of wheat in winter, and set up a separate fund to meet the relevant inputs. The General Secretariat of the Arab agricultural investment and development agency promised to donate 500000 US dollars to the fund, the Arab League promised to provide 500000 US dollars of emergency support, and the Arab agricultural development organization promised to donate 200000 US dollars as a phase I fund. The National Bank of the Soviet Union will allocate $1.5 million to support food security projects.