Anqing Market Supervision Bureau carried out special inspection on food safety of online catering services
By: Date: 2022-07-27 Categories: chinesefood Tags: ,
In order to further promote the special action of”observing, inspecting and protecting” food safety, further strengthen the food safety supervision of online catering services in Anqing City, standardize the operation behavior of online catering services, and ensure the safety of online catering food for the broad masses of the people, the municipal market supervision bureau decided to carry out a special inspection of food safety of online catering services for a period of two months from July 21 to September 10.
This special inspection is carried out in three stages:main body self inspection, territorial inspection and municipal supervision. The inspection will focus on three subjects:the first is the third-party platform and its branches (agencies). Whether the platform has filed with the corresponding market supervision department; Whether the platform review responsibility is implemented; Whether there is a special food safety management department and full-time food safety management personnel; Whether to sign a food safety agreement with online catering service providers to clarify food safety responsibilities; Whether to implement the responsibility of business information publicity and the action requirements of”lighting up” of the platform (that is, to implement the”three lights”:lighting up, lighting up certificates, lighting up rules), etc. Second, online catering service providers. Whether the business is engaged in business activities in accordance with the main business type and business items specified in the food business license; Whether the names of dishes and main ingredients are publicized online, and whether the publicized information is true; Whether the requirements of the food safety operation specification for catering services are conscientiously implemented to ensure that the quality and safety of catering food sold online is consistent with that sold in physical stores, etc. Third, delivery personnel. Whether the meal delivery personnel work with certificates (health certificates); Whether the requirements for normalized epidemic prevention and control measures are clear; Whether they have participated in vocational training and have good business skills and professional ethics; Whether to participate in the guidance and supervision of”food safety seal”; Whether to play the role of”supervisor” and”whistleblower” of online catering food safety.
The municipal market supervision bureau will take this special inspection as a powerful starting point to investigate the potential safety risks of online catering services in summer, firmly hold the bottom line of no major food safety accidents, and create a safe environment and stable atmosphere for the victory of the 20th CPC National Congress.