Announcement of Suzhou municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau on publishing the sampling information of Suzhou Municipal Food Safety Supervision (issue 18, 2022)
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In accordance with the provisions of the food safety law of the people’s Republic of China and the measures for the administration of food safety sampling inspection, the recent information on food safety supervision and sampling inspection of the market supervision and administration bureau is hereby announced as follows:
General situation:the supervision and sampling information in this announcement involves 173 batches of 11 categories of food samples, including bean products, condiments, catering food, dairy products, food processing products, vegetable products, convenience food, meat products, etc. Among them, 3 batches of samples of edible agricultural products and 2 batches of samples of catering food were detected to be unqualified.
It was mainly found that there was 1 batch of unqualified dough sticks, and the residual amount of aluminum detected exceeded the standard; Coliform bacteria were detected in 1 batch of unqualified plates; One batch of unqualified leeks, cadmium exceeding the standard; There is one batch of unqualified green pepper, and thiamethoxam exceeds the standard; One batch of unqualified cowpea was detected with thiamethoxam and thiamethoxam exceeding the standard. Local market supervision departments have carried out verification and disposal of unqualified food found in the supervision and sampling inspection according to law.