Announcement No. 576 of the Ministry of agriculture and rural affairs of the people’s Republic of China
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onethreefive standards including the technical regulations for the prevention and control of wheat soil borne virus diseases have been examined and approved by experts, and are now approved and issued as the agricultural industry standards of the people’s Republic of China, which will be implemented from October one, two0twotwo. See the attachment for the standard number and name. This batch of standard texts are published by China Agricultural Publishing House and can be posted on the China agricultural products quality safety network two months after the date of publication( )Review. It is hereby announced.
Annex:Catalogue of onethreefive agricultural industry standards such as technical regulations for prevention and control of wheat soil borne virus diseases
Ministry of agriculture and rural areas
July oneone, two0twotwo
onethreefive items including”technical regulations for prevention and control of wheat soil borne virus diseases”
Catalogue of agricultural industry standards

Serial number Standard No Standard name 代替Standard No
one NY/T four0sevenone-two0twotwo Technical regulation for prevention and control of soil borne virus disease in Wheat /
two NY/T four0seventwo-two0twotwo Technical specification for the prediction of Cotton Fusarium Wilt /
three NY/T four0seventhree-two0twotwo Technical specification for mechanized production of heading cabbage /
four NY/T four0sevenfour-two0twotwo Technical specification for full mechanized production of sunflower /
five NY/T four0sevenfive-two0twotwo Mulberry grade specification /
six NY/T eighteightsix-two0twotwo Agroforestry Absorbent Polymer NY/T eighteightsix-two0onesix
seven NY/T onenineseveneight-two0twotwo Fertilizers – Determination of mercury, arsenic, cadmium, lead, chromium and nickel contents NY/T onenineseveneight-two0one0
eight NY/T four0sevensix-two0twotwo Organic fertilizers determination of calcium, magnesium and sulfur content /
nine NY/T four0sevenseven-two0twotwo Determination of chlorine and sodium content of organic fertilizers /
one0 NY/T four0seveneight-two0twotwo Doxycycline suspension /
oneone NY/T four0sevennine-two0twotwo Doxycycline technical /
onetwo NY/T four0eight0-two0twotwo Weibaimu soluble agent /
onethree NY/T four0eightone-two0twotwo Oxazolyl oxalamide emulsifiable concentrate /
onefour NY/T four0eighttwo-two0twotwo Oxazolyl oxalamide technical /
onefive NY/T four0eightthree-two0twotwo Thiazoline technical /
onesix NY/T four0eightfour-two0twotwo Thiazoline suspension /
oneseven NY/T four0eightfive-two0twotwo Ethosulfuron methyl water dispersible granule /
oneeight NY/T four0eightsix-two0twotwo Ethosulfuron technical /
onenine NY/T four0eightseven-two0twotwo Prochloraz manganese salt wettable powder /
two0 NY/T four0eighteight-two0twotwo Prochloraz manganese salt technical drug /
twoone NY/T four0eightnine-two0twotwo Indole butyric acid technical drug /
twotwo NY/T four0nine0-two0twotwo Metoclopramide technical /
twothree NY/T four0nineone-two0twotwo Metoclopramide solution /
twofour NY/T four0ninetwo-two0twotwo D-fenvalerate technical /
twofive NY/T four0ninethree-two0twotwo Methyl Iodosulfuron sodium salt technical drug /
twosix NY/T four0ninefour-two0twotwo Jingjiashuangling technical drug /
twoseven NY/T four0ninefive-two0twotwo Metalaxyl seed treatment emulsion /
twoeight NY/T four0ninesix-two0twotwo Meimidazole nicotinic acid soluble agent /
twonine NY/T four0nineseven-two0twotwo Mebendazole nicotinic acid technical /
three0 NY/T four0nineeight-two0twotwo Dinitrile suspension /
threeone NY/T four0ninenine-two0twotwo Dinitrile technical /
threetwo NY/T fourone00-two0twotwo Spiromethane (spiromethane ethanolamine salt) wettable powder /
threethree NY/T fourone0one-two0twotwo Spiromethane (spiromethane ethanolamine salt) technical drug /
threefour NY/T fourone0two-two0twotwo Acetonide suspension /
threefive NY/T fourone0three-two0twotwo Amidazole technical /
threesix NY/T fourone0four-two0twotwo Technical drug of Triadimefon /
threeseven NY/T fourone0five-two0twotwo Triadimefon suspension /
threeeight NY/T fourone0six-two0twotwo Flupiride technical /
threenine NY/T fourone0seven-two0twotwo Fluthiazide technical /
four0 NY/T fourone0eight-two0twotwo Acetochlor wettable powder /
fourone NY/T fourone0nine-two0twotwo Acetochlor water dispersible granule /
fourtwo NY/T fouroneone0-two0twotwo Oxazine suspension /
fourthree NY/T fouroneoneone-two0twotwo Azithrone technical /
fourfour NY/T fouroneonetwo-two0twotwo Diazinon granules /
fourfive NY/T fouroneonethree-two0twotwo Diazinon emulsifiable concentrate /
foursix NY/T fouroneonefour-two0twotwo Diazinon technical /
fourseven NY/T fouroneonefive-two0twotwo Prochloraz (prochloraz citrate) soluble agent /
foureight NY/T fouroneonesix-two0twotwo Prochloraz (prochloraz citrate) technical drug /
fournine NY/T fouroneoneseven-two0twotwo Rufogramin emulsifiable concentrate /
five0 NY/T fouroneoneeight-two0twotwo Ruflufen technical drug /
fiveone NY/T fouroneonenine-two0twotwo General analytical method for the determination of effective components in pesticide products high performance liquid chromatography /
fivetwo NY/T fouronetwo0-two0twotwo Feed raw material sodium humate /
fivethree NY/T fouronetwoone-two0twotwo Feed material corn germ meal /
fivefour NY/T fouronetwotwo-two0twotwo Feed raw material egg white powder /
fivefive NY/T fouronetwothree-two0twotwo Feed raw material beet molasses /
fivesix NY/T twotwooneeight-two0twotwo Fermented soybean meal from feed materials NY/T twotwooneeight-two0onetwo
fiveseven NY/T seventwofour-two0twotwo Determination of lassaroxime sodium in feeds high performance liquid chromatography NY/T seventwofour-two00three
fiveeight NY/T twoeightninesix-two0twotwo Determination of cantharidin in feeds high performance liquid chromatography NY/T twoeightninesix-two0onesix
fivenine NY/T nineonefour-two0twotwo Determination of hydrocortisone in feeds NY/T nineonefour-two00four
six0 NY/T fouronetwofour-two0twotwo 饲料中 T-two 和 HT-two 毒素的测定 液相色谱-串联质谱法 /
sixone NY/T fouronetwofive-two0twotwo Determination of starch gelatinization degree in feeds /
sixtwo NY/T onefourfivenine-two0twotwo Determination of acid detergent fiber in feeds NY/T onefourfivenine-two00seven
sixthree SC/T one0seveneight-two0twotwo Compound feed for Eriocheir sinensis SC/T one0seveneight-two00four
sixfour NY/T fouronetwosix-two0twotwo Shrimp larval formula feed /
sixfive NY/T fouronetwoseven-two0twotwo Compound feed of Procambarus clarkii /
sixsix SC/T one0sevenfour-two0twotwo Compound feed of blunt snout bream SC/T one0sevenfour-two00four
sixseven NY/T fouronetwoeight-two0twotwo General technical specification for expanded pellet feed for fishing /
sixeight NY/T fouronetwonine-two0twotwo Calculation method of optimal feeding intensity of grassland livestock /
sixnine NY/T fouronethree0-two0twotwo Technical requirements for biological fence for vegetation restoration of waste dump in grassland mining area /
seven0 NY/T fouronethreeone-two0twotwo Duolang sheep /
sevenone NY/T fouronethreetwo-two0twotwo Hotan sheep /
seventwo NY/T fouronethreethree-two0twotwo Hazake sheep /
seventhree NY/T fouronethreefour-two0twotwo Tashkurgan sheep /
sevenfour NY/T fouronethreefive-two0twotwo Barchuk sheep /
sevenfive NY/T fouronethreesix-two0twotwo Biosafety technology of vehicle decontamination center /
sevensix NY/T fouronethreeseven-two0twotwo Diagnostic techniques of porcine parvovirus disease /
sevenseven NY/T onetwofourseven-two0twotwo Diagnostic techniques of reticuloendotheliosis in birds NY/T onetwofourseven-two00six
seveneight NY/T fiveseventhree-two0twotwo Diagnostic techniques of toxoplasmosis in animals NY/T fiveseventhree-two00two
sevennine NY/T fouronethreeeight-two0twotwo Diagnostic techniques of honeybee Sporidiosis /
eight0 NY/T fouronethreenine-two0twotwo Veterinary epidemiological investigation and monitoring sampling technology /
eightone NY/T fouronefour0-two0twotwo Emergency epidemiological investigation techniques of foot and mouth disease /
eighttwo NY/T fouronefourone-two0twotwo Technical specification for collection of drug resistance monitoring samples of bacteria of animal origin /
eightthree NY/T fouronefourtwo-two0twotwo Technical specification for antimicrobial susceptibility testing of bacteria of animal origin — microbroth dilution method /
eightfour NY/T fouronefourthree-two0twotwo Technical specification for antimicrobial susceptibility testing of bacteria of animal origin agar dilution method /
eightfive NY/T fouronefourfour-two0twotwo Technical specification for antimicrobial susceptibility testing of bacteria of animal origin — disk diffusion method /
eightsix NY/T fouronefourfive-two0twotwo Technical specification for isolation and identification of Staphylococcus aureus from animals /
eightseven NY/T fouronefoursix-two0twotwo Technical specification for isolation and identification of Salmonella from animals /
eighteight NY/T fouronefourseven-two0twotwo Technical specification for isolation and identification of Enterococcus from animals /
eightnine NY/T fouronefoureight-two0twotwo Technical specification for isolation and identification of Campylobacter from animals /
nine0 NY/T fouronefournine-two0twotwo Technical specification for isolation and identification of Escherichia coli from animals /
nineone SC/T 稻渔综合种养技术规范 第 seven 部分:稻鲤(山丘型) /
ninetwo SC/T oneonefiveseven-two0twotwo Mullet /
ninethree SC/T oneonefiveeight-two0twotwo Fragrant fish /
ninefour SC/T oneonefivenine-two0twotwo Lanzhou catfish /
ninefive SC/T oneonesix0-two0twotwo Ancherythroculter nigrocauda /
ninesix SC/T oneonesixone-two0twotwo Ancherythroculter nigrocauda 亲鱼和苗种 /
nineseven SC/T oneonesixtwo-two0twotwo Parent fish and fry of Channa Argus /
nineeight SC/T oneonesixthree-two0twotwo Growth performance test of new aquatic products turtles /
ninenine SC/T twooneone0-two0twotwo Technical specification for breeding of Penaeus chinensis improved varieties /
one00 SC/T sixone0four-two0twotwo Code for design of industrial fish and vegetable symbiosis facilities /
one0one SC/T sixone0five-two0twotwo General requirements for the allocation of pollution control facilities and equipment in coastal fishing ports /
one0two NY/T fouronefive0-two0twotwo Technical specification for thematic mapping of agricultural remote sensing monitoring /
one0three NY/T fouronefiveone-two0twotwo Technical specification for image preprocessing of unmanned aerial vehicles for agricultural remote sensing monitoring /
one0four NY/T fouronefivetwo-two0twotwo Code for the construction of crop germplasm resource bank low temperature Germplasm Bank /
one0five NY/T fouronefivethree-two0twotwo Guidelines for biodiversity conservation of farmland landscape /
one0six NY/T fouronefivefour-two0twotwo Technical specification for emergency monitoring of environmental pollution in agricultural production areas /
one0seven NY/T fouronefivefive-two0twotwo Technical specification for identification and assessment of soil environmental damage on agricultural land /
one0eight NY/T onetwosixthree-two0twotwo Technical guidelines for loss assessment of agricultural environmental damage events NY/T onetwosixthree-two00seven
one0nine NY/T fouronefivesix-two0twotwo Technical specification for accurate monitoring and variable application of alien invasive weeds /
oneone0 NY/T fouronefiveseven-two0twotwo Technical guidelines for calculation of crop straw production and collectability coefficient /
oneoneone NY/T fouronefiveeight-two0twotwo Technical specifications for investigation and accounting of standing book data of crop straw resources /
oneonetwo NY/T fouronefivenine-two0twotwo Biochar /
oneonethree NY/T fouronesix0-two0twotwo Biochar基肥料田间试验技术规范 /
oneonefour NY/T fouronesixone-two0twotwo Technical specification for biomass pyrolysis and carbonization process /
oneonefive NY/T 稻田氮磷流失防控技术规范 第 one部分:控水减排 /
oneonesix NY/T fouronesixtwo.two-two0twotwo 稻田氮磷流失防控技术规范 第 two部分:控源增汇 /
oneoneseven NY/T 稻田氮磷流失综合防控技术指南 第 one 部分:北方单季稻 /
oneoneeight NY/T fouronesixthree.two-two0twotwo 稻田氮磷流失综合防控技术指南 第 two 部分:双季稻 /
oneonenine NY/T fouronesixthree.three-two0twotwo 稻田氮磷流失综合防控技术指南 第 three 部分:水旱轮作 /
onetwo0 NY/T fouronesixfour-two0twotwo Technical guidelines for standardization of the whole industrial chain of modern agriculture /
onetwoone NY/T fourseventwo-two0twotwo Guidelines for the use of green food and veterinary drugs NY/T fourseventwo-two0onethree
onetwotwo NY/T sevenfivefive-two0twotwo Guidelines for the use of green food and fishery drugs NY/T sevenfivefive-two0onethree
onetwothree NY/T fouronesixfive-two0twotwo Technical specification for cold chain logistics of Citrus E-commerce /
onetwofour NY/T fouronesixsix-two0twotwo Apple e-commerce cold chain logistics technical specification /
onetwofive NY/T fouronesixseven-two0twotwo Technical requirements for litchi cold chain circulation /
onetwosix NY/T fouronesixeight-two0twotwo Technical specification for precooling of fruits and vegetables /
onetwoseven NY/T fouronesixnine-two0twotwo Guidelines for the construction of regional public brands of agricultural products /
onetwoeight NY/T fouroneseven0-two0twotwo Soybean market information monitoring requirements /
onetwonine NY/T fouronesevenone-two0twotwo onetwothreeonesix 平台管理要求 /
onethree0 NY/T fouroneseventwo-two0twotwo Technical specification for safety production monitoring of Biogas Engineering /
onethreeone NY/T fouroneseventhree-two0twotwo Test method for technical parameters of Biogas Engineering /
onethreetwo NY/T twofiveninesix-two0twotwo Biogas fertilizer NY/T twofiveninesix-two0onefour
onethreethree NY/T eightsix0-two0twotwo Household biogas digester sealing paint NY/T eightsix0-two00four
onethreefour NY/T sixsixseven-two0twotwo Classification of biogas project scale NY/T sixsixseven-two0oneone
onethreefive NY/T fouronesevenfour-two0twotwo General rules for biological nutrition fortification of edible agricultural products /