American pioneer founded greensolutions ™ Biological products product team
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   世界农化网中文网报道: 先锋公司 ®Announced the establishment of a greensolution in the United StatessProduce品团队,专注于其生物产品组合业务,包括生物农药、生物刺激剂和生物肥料。

The product team will be committed to developing and marketing greensolutions technology, led by Ted Walter, marketing manager of pioneer American greensolutions. Three greensolutions marketing development managers Dennis Riley, Julio Lozano and Kyle Coleman are responsible for the marketing work in the Midwest, Southeast and western regions respectively.
“Our team has many years of experience in developing the biological market, and now only focuses on the pioneer greensolutions product portfolio,” said Ted Walter.” Pioneer has made in-depth investment in our greensolutions product line, and the establishment of our team will enable us to better serve customers interested in biological crop inputs.
Our biological products provide many agronomic advantages to growers across the United States, including targeted pest control, improved nutrient absorption and nutrient use efficiency.
The soil contains a quarter of the world’s biodiversity. Increasing products in greensolutions biological solutions help regenerate soil to improve soil health.
Biological products distributed by pioneer and cooperative retailers include ecozin, a biological insecticide approved for organic agriculture®Plus 1.2%me and plant growth regulator smartblock®。 After pioneer acquired agrinos, the three products further expanded their product portfolio. The three products are b sure, a nutritional solution to improve plant metabolism®Invigorate, which can build high-yield microbial communities, promote nutrient absorption and improve fertilizer efficiency ®And uplift, a fertility solution that improves crop productivity and supports soil vitality®
Pioneer operates two North American biological manufacturing facilities, including a microbial fermentation manufacturing plant in clarkmas, Oregon, and a biostimulant plant in Sonora, Mexico.