All sampling samples are qualified! Shaoguan”you order and I check” online ordering sampling results have been released
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In order to actively respond to public concerns about food safety, Shaoguan municipal market supervision bureau organized the 2022 online ordering food safety”you click and I check” activity in June, actively solicited public opinions, and carried out food supervision and sampling inspection on 20 online ordering units elected by the public. Now all sampling sample inspections have been completed, and the sampling qualification rate is 100.00%.
The 20 online ordering units selected by the public in this”you click and I check” activity are mainly distributed in Zhenjiang District and Wujiang District, and are sampled by Shaoguan Institute of quality measurement supervision and testing in Guangdong Province. The inspection items are mainly Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella and other important microbial indicators. A total of 29 batches were sampled by 20 online ordering units, and no unqualified samples were found, and the sample qualification rate was 100%. See the attachment for specific sampling inspection.
Tips for food safety consumption:
● you should buy the required food through formal and reliable channels and keep the corresponding shopping vouchers.
● see whether the relevant marks on the outer package, such as production date, shelf life, manufacturer’s name and address, ingredient or ingredient list, food production license number and other marks are complete and comply with the provisions of laws and regulations.
● do not buy products without manufacturer name, address, production date and shelf life, products beyond the shelf life, and announced unqualified products.
● consumers are welcome to actively participate in food safety supervision and pay attention to the announcement of food safety sampling inspection information. If you find unqualified food involved in this announcement in the market, please call the local complaint hotline 12345 or 12315 in time.
The municipal market supervision bureau will regularly carry out the activity of”you click and I check”, ask for advice and serve the people, timely discover and eliminate potential food safety risks, further enhance consumers’ sense of experience and satisfaction, and further improve the public’s awareness of food safety and social co governance.