Alashankou customs cooperates inside and outside to promote the excellent and fast export of local characteristic aquatic products
By: Date: 2022-07-16 Categories: industrynews Tags: ,
Strengthen positive publicity, establish a special account of export agricultural product enterprise system, credit and problems, comprehensively study and judge, put forward reasonable suggestions according to the case, carry out door-to-door teaching for 5 times, policy publicity and problem solving for more than 30 times, and promote enterprises to constantly optimize the level of internal control management and improve product quality; Carry out”double random and one open” joint inspection with market supervision departments, and implement joint incentives in terms of reducing inspection frequency, simplifying audit procedures, tax incentives, etc., so as to further reduce the burden on enterprises; Open up a”green channel” for aquatic products, open the inspection appointment phone, optimize the”5+2″ territorial inspection mode, achieve”inspection as you go out, inspection as you go”, and promote the efficient customs clearance of local characteristic aquatic products. Since this year, 10 tons of frozen white salmon seeds have been exported, with a value of 1.7546 million yuan.