Aksu Market Supervision Bureau carried out special inspection on halogen products
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In order to effectively ensure the dietary safety of consumers in the jurisdiction, and standardize the operation of stewed cooked food. Recently, Aksu market supervision and Administration Bureau launched a special rectification action for cooked and stewed food products in its jurisdiction.
Law enforcement officers conducted a comprehensive inspection of 18 cooked food and halogen flavor production and sales business units on the spot, focusing on the following aspects:first, whether the business shop licenses are complete; Second, whether the health management system of employees meets the requirements; Third, whether to strictly implement the certificate and ticket system and purchase inspection system for raw materials and condiments of cooked and stewed foods; Fourth, whether employees wear hats, masks, gloves, etc. as required; Fifth, whether the manufacturing and processing points are equipped with fly, dust, rat and other facilities; Sixth, whether the cleaning, preservation and storage environment of raw materials meet the standards. In particular, it checked whether the raw materials of cooked and stewed food used imported cold chain food, and stressed that when purchasing imported cold chain food, it must check the”three certificates and one code”, and it is not allowed to process and sell imported cold chain food with unknown sources and no relevant certificates. The inspection was generally good, but there were also a few operators who did not wear work hats, masks and gloves, expired health certificates, and irregular storage of food raw materials. In view of the above problems, the law enforcement officers issued a notice of order to correct on the spot and ordered the parties to rectify within a time limit.