Ailing Liu:interpret the policies related to campus nutrition education, and lead the development of the food and education industry in seven directions
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From July 22 to 23, the 2022 China food and education development forum with the theme of”pooling industry resources and exploring the implementation of food and education” was successfully held in Jinan. The forum was guided by Shandong Food Science and Technology Association and the International Association for the promotion of food and education exchange. It was jointly hosted by food education network, Shandong Normal University and Shandong group meal industry association, and co organized by Shandong women’s and children’s activity center, Beijing food society, Jiangxi food Education Society, Nanjing Xiaozhuang College, Jiuyang public welfare foundation and the science popularization and Education Committee of Shandong Food Science and Technology Association.
At the forum, the food education network specially invited Eileen Liu, director of the nutrition and Health Education Department of the Institute of nutrition and health of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention, to give you a keynote speech on”interpretation of policies related to campus nutrition education and analysis of future trends”, and provide tips for the development of food education in China.
A healthy body is inseparable from correct and healthy eating methods and habits, while correct and healthy eating behavior comes from nutrition education. Director ailing Liu believes that nutrition education is the most fundamental, economical and effective measure to improve children’s nutritional health. It is the foundation and core of children’s nutrition improvement work, and the key to the success of nutrition work. It is a systematic project related to children’s individuals, families and countries.
Director ailing Liu pointed out the importance and urgency of nutrition education, made an in-depth interpretation of the relevant policies of nutrition education in China, and put forward specific suggestions on the target content and subject coverage of life safety and health education into primary and Secondary School Curriculum textbooks.
Director ailing Liu also pointed out the problems and challenges existing in domestic nutrition education, such as the lack of legislation and security system, and the need to implement policies and systems; The nutrition connotation is not rich enough, and the curriculum system is not perfect; There are significant differences in the needs of people, and the forms of activities are not rich enough; The talent team is weak and the scientific research support is insufficient; There is no good interaction system among schools, families and communities.
As for how to do well in campus nutrition education in the future, director ailing Liu suggested that work should be carried out from seven aspects:further improving policy support, building a supportive environment, building a systematic knowledge system, optimizing education paths, building a talent team, strengthening expert technical support, and building a supervision and evaluation mechanism.
The ultimate goal of food education is to cultivate children’s core qualities. Food education is not simply knowledge transmission, but also needs to be implemented in real life. It requires the joint efforts of schools, families and society to realize the optimization of the effect of children’s nutrition education.