Afraid of being fat, I ate half a watermelon again! Can it be saved?
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Summer is a good season to eat watermelon. When I came home from work, I took out half an ice watermelon from the refrigerator with the residual temperature of summer on my body and ate it, not to mention how pleasant it was.
But many friends who lose weight will feel guilty after eating melons. Watermelon is so high in calories. Will you get fat after eating it?
In fact, it’s really wrong to say that watermelon has high calories.
Compared with other fruits, watermelon is not high in calories (34kcal in 100g), which is almost half of Pitaya (55kcal in 100g) and one third of banana (86kcal in 100g).
Therefore, watermelon is not a high calorie food in terms of calories alone. The real problem with watermelon is that it’s so delicious. Once you start eating, you can’t stop at all, especially in the way of cutting it in half and digging it with a spoon. It’s usually difficult to stop eating while watching TV.
Ask how many calories you have when eating half a melon. Five kilograms of watermelon contains 850kcal, which is equivalent to half a kilogram of pork or one kilogram of white rice. It can be said that it is quite considerable.
So for those who need to lose weight, the correct way to eat watermelon is to cut it open. Cut half the watermelon that should be dug with a spoon into 10 parts, and eat one at a time, that is, about half a kilo, just right. The extra melons can be shared with others.
If you really want to eat watermelon and you’re afraid of being fat, then move! Jogging for 10 minutes can consume 4 liang of watermelon calories. Without gaining weight, you can also strengthen your body and kill two birds with one stone.
Eat melons without eating, OK?
Some people may eat watermelon as rice. If you eat watermelon, you don’t eat the staple food, or you don’t even eat dinner at all. This approach is not recommended. The nutritional components of watermelon are relatively single, mainly water and sugar, and protein and fat are pitifully small. It doesn’t matter if you only eat watermelon and don’t eat dinner occasionally. If you eat it like this all summer, be careful to become a malnourished fat man~