A Vietnamese effervescent film was investigated for illegal advertising
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Food partner online newsAccording to the official information of Vietnam food safety administration:Recently, Ichi effervescent tablets (health food) advertised on many websites and the Internet have violated the relevant provisions of Vietnam’s advertising law because of their promotional products with medicinal therapeutic effects and misleading advertising content.

It is reported that in Vietnam, Ichi effervescent tablets are produced by bigfa Co., Ltd. and distributed by xinhuanglong Development Co., Ltd. and are responsible for the quality of products.

Recently, the food safety administration is jointly handling the case with relevant agencies. After the investigation, the Vietnamese food safety administration will https://vfa.gov.vn/Website and https://congkhaiyte.moh.gov.VN/Publish an announcement on. In order to ensure the health of consumers, the Ministry of health and the health and Safety Bureau of Vietnam issued a warning on this incident:consumers should not buy this health food online.