A Singapore company and its boss were fined for engaging in food processing activities in unlicensed premises
By: Date: 2022-07-28 Categories: Uncategorized
   Food partner online news  2022年7月27日,新加坡食品局(SFA)发布消息,Loch Grocer Pte Ltd公司及其老板Lee Chee Hoon因在无牌经营场所从事食品加工活动,各被罚款2000美元。

In July 2021, when inspecting the premises of Loch grocer Pte Ltd, SFA officials found that the company had carried out food processing activities (slicing fish) at the premises. The premises were licensed for refrigeration but were not approved for food processing activities. Therefore, SFA impounded seafood (about 723 kg) and packaging materials.
Illegal processing of fish in unauthorized facilities poses a food safety risk. In Singapore, all meat and/or fish processing facilities must be licensed and must comply with SFA requirements and food safety standards. These licensed institutions are also subject to routine inspection by SFA. Offenders who illegally process fish are liable to a fine of up to $10000, imprisonment for up to 12 months, or both.