40 batches of unqualified food were detected in Henan, including Hu spicy soup, dried yellow plum, chicken feet with pepper, etc
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  Food partner online newsOn July 27, Henan provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau issued the 19th notice in 2022, and 40 batches of unqualified food were detected. Unqualified food involves microbial pollution, quality indicators, food additives, residues of agricultural and veterinary drugs, biological toxins and other issues.
Microbial contamination was detected in 7 batches of food
Microbial contamination was detected in 7 batches of food,分别为新乡县七里营镇汇加汇便民超市销售的标称贵州金沙禹谟泡木湾醋业有限公司生产的1批次泡木湾老酱油,菌落总数超标;濮阳高新区新习新隆超市销售的标称山东省成武县亿家乐食品有限公司生产的1批次胡辣汤,霉菌超标;郏县华联商贸有限公司销售的标称山东多麦食品股份有限公司生产的1批次枸杞红枣银耳羹,霉菌超标;封丘县黄德镇顺心超市销售的标称山东多麦食品股份有限公司生产的1批次酸奶果粒麦片,霉菌超标;内黄县宜佳优品生活超市销售的标称巨野县啃棒食品加工厂生产的1批次山椒凤爪,菌落总数超标;长葛市鑫盛翔百货商店销售的标称天津市有泰工贸有限公司生产的1批次奇亚籽坚果速溶藕粉羹,霉菌超标;临颍县易之和生活超市销售的标称河北锦食食品有限公司总经销、沧州宏伟食品有限公司生产的1批次阿拉尔枣肉片,霉菌超标。
The total number of colonies is an indicator of microorganisms, not pathogens. It is mainly used to evaluate the cleanliness of food and reflect whether the food meets the hygienic requirements in the production process. The reason why the total number of colonies exceeds the standard may be that the initial number of colonies of raw materials is high, or some enterprises may not strictly control the sanitary conditions in the production and processing process as required, and the cleaning and disinfection of packaging containers and utensils are not in place. It may also be related to the lax sealing of product packaging, improper control of storage and transportation conditions, etc.
Mold is a common fungus, which exists widely in nature. After being polluted by mold, the product will deteriorate, destroy the color, aroma and taste of the product, and reduce its edible value. The reason why the mold exceeds the standard may be that the raw materials or packaging materials are polluted by mold, and the sanitary conditions of the products are not controlled in place during the production and processing process; It may also be related to inadequate cleaning and disinfection of production tools and other equipment and facilities or improper storage and transportation conditions of products.
Quality indicators of 7 batches of food
Quality indicators of 7 batches of food,分别为济源市美吉炸鸡汉堡店销售的1批次煎炸油,极性组分超标;济源市新欧德隆生活超市销售的标称乐百氏(广东)饮用水有限公司委托四川旺鹭食品有限公司生产的1批次乐百氏AD钙,蛋白质不达标;郑州市河南食在全商贸有限公司销售的标称福建优道食品有限公司委托龙海市厦联食品有限公司生产的1批次青豆(原味)、1批次青豆(牛肉味),酸价(以脂肪计)超标;方城县裕客隆百货副食有限责任公司销售的标称惠州市耶利亚食品饮料有限公司生产的1批次清蓝椰子水椰汁(植物蛋白饮料),蛋白质不达标;汝南县贾立新副食超市销售的1批次黑芝麻,酸价(以脂肪计)超标;河南丹尼斯百货有限公司信阳春晓分公司销售的标称开封市龙亭区罗罗食品厂生产的1批次花生酥·原味(糕点),过氧化值(以脂肪计超标。
Polar component is an important index for judging the quality of oil products. The higher the degree of unsaturation of the oil, the higher the oil temperature, the more times of repeated frying, and the more polar substances increase. When the polar component of an oil is high, it can be judged as inferior oil.
Acid value mainly reflects the degree of rancidity of oil in food. Exceeding the acid value will cause the food to have a Khara taste. The reasons for the excessive acid value may be that the raw materials are not strictly controlled, the production process is not up to standard, the product storage conditions are improper, etc., especially when the storage temperature is high, it is easy to lead to the oxidation and rancidity of fat, resulting in the excessive acid value.
Peroxide value mainly reflects whether the oil in food is oxidized and deteriorated. With the oxidation of oil, the peroxide value will gradually increase. The reason why the peroxide value exceeds the standard may be that the fat in the raw materials has been oxidized, or the environmental conditions of the products are improperly controlled during storage and transportation, or the raw materials are improperly stored and effective antioxidant measures are not taken, resulting in the oxidation of the fat in the raw materials and the oxidation of the oil in the final products.
 Agricultural and veterinary drug residues were detected in 7 batches of food
 Agricultural and veterinary drug residues were detected in 7 batches of food,分别为洛阳伊嘉诚实业有限公司销售的1批次豇豆,灭蝇胺超标;武陟县兴华路淳恒利购物广场销售的1批次香蕉,吡虫啉超标;沈丘县祺翊鲜牛羊肉店销售的1批次羊腿肉,林可霉素、恩诺沙星、磺胺类(总量)、氟苯尼考超标;濮阳市百姓量贩有限公司万嘉分公司销售的1批次长豆角,灭蝇胺超标;中电建(三门峡)千禧商贸有限公司生活广场销售的1批次扁豆角,噻虫胺超标;鹤壁市淇滨区贵英天天菜行销售的1批次韭菜,腐霉利超标;三门峡市涧南农贸批发市场马平新销售的1批次白豆角,噻虫胺超标。
Chlorpheniramine, also known as cyromazine, is a new type of high-efficiency, low toxicity, nitrogen-containing heterocyclic insecticide. It is an ecological pesticide with good effect in controlling Diptera Insect Pests and diseases at present. The national food safety standard maximum residue limits of pesticides in food (GB 2763-2021) stipulates that the maximum residue limit of miriamine in cowpea is 0.5mg/kg.
Imidacloprid is a nicotinyl chloride insecticide with broad spectrum, high efficiency and low toxicity. According to the national food safety standard maximum residue limits of pesticides in foods (GB 2763-2021), the maximum residue limit of Imidacloprid in bananas is 0.05mg/kg.
Pyometril is a kind of low toxic and inhaling fungicide, which has dual effects of protection and treatment. It is mainly used for the prevention and control of gray mold in vegetables and fruit trees. According to the national food safety standard maximum residue limits of pesticides in food (GB 2763-2021), the maximum residue limit of pyomethor in leeks is 0.2mg/kg.
Florfenicol, also known as fluoromethamphenicol, is a special antibacterial drug for animals approved by the Ministry of agriculture. It is mainly used for bacterial diseases of pigs, chickens and fish caused by sensitive bacteria. According to the national food safety standard maximum residue limits of veterinary drugs in food (GB 31650-2019), the residue limit of florfenicol in mutton is 200 μ g/kg。
 Food additives were detected in 3 batches of food
 Food additives were detected in 3 batches of food,分别为济源市坡头郑镜早餐店销售的1批次油条,铝的残留量(干样品,以Al计)超标;大商集团(新乡)新玛特购物广场有限公司销售的标称潮州市潮安区庵埠富味食品厂生产的1批次黄梅干,二氧化硫残留量超标;济源市坡头镇妞妞烧饼店销售的1批次油条,铝的残留量(干样品,以Al计)超标。
Potassium aluminum sulfate (also known as potassium alum) and ammonium aluminum sulfate (also known as ammonium Mingji) are commonly used as bulking agents and stabilizers in food processing, and aluminum residues will be produced after use. Aluminum containing food additives used according to the standard will not cause harm to health, but long-term consumption of foods with excessive aluminum will lead to the decline of sports, learning and memory ability, and affect children’s intellectual development. According to the national food safety standard for the use of food additives (GB 2760-2014), the residue of aluminum in fried flour products is 100mg/kg. The reason why the aluminum residue in fried flour products exceeds the standard may be that the producers use aluminum containing food additives in excess of the limit in the production and processing process in order to increase the taste of the products, or the aluminum content in the compound food additives they use is too high.
Sulfur dioxide (as well as potassium pyrosulfite, sodium sulfite and other additives) is a commonly used bleaching agent and preservative in food processing, and sulfur dioxide residues are produced after use. The reason why the sulfur dioxide residue exceeds the standard may be that the manufacturer uses it illegally for color protection, corrosion prevention and bleaching.
 Biotoxins detected in 2 batches of food
 Biotoxins detected in 2 batches of food,分别为周口芝麻街商贸有限公司销售的标称周口市翔耀食品有限公司生产的1批次绿豆面,赭曲霉毒素A超标;兰考县鲜时代购物广场销售的1批次油炸花生米,黄曲霉毒素B1超标。
Aflatoxin B1 is a highly carcinogenic mycotoxin. Long term consumption of food with aflatoxin B1 exceeding the standard may cause damage to the liver. According to the national food safety standard limit of mycotoxins in food (GB 2761-2017), the maximum limit of aflatoxin B1 in peanut and its products is 20 μ g/kg。 The reason why the detection value of aflatoxin B1 in peanuts exceeds the standard may be that the raw materials used by the production enterprises are polluted by Aspergillus flavus and other molds, it may also be that the sanitary conditions during the production and processing process are not strictly controlled, and it may also be related to the lax sealing of product packaging, improper control of storage and transportation conditions, etc.
Ochratoxin A is produced by a variety of Aspergillus and Penicillium that grow on crops such as grain (wheat, corn, barley, oats, rye, rice and millet), peanuts, vegetables (beans), etc. The reasons for the unqualified ochratoxin A may be that the raw materials are not strictly controlled, there are mold particles, the storage conditions of the enterprise do not meet the requirements, the products have more moisture, the storage temperature is high, and the stacking height produces internal heat reaction, which may cause ochratoxin A to exceed the standard.
 Microbial pollution and other pollution problems were detected in 13 batches of tableware
 Microbial pollution and other pollution problems were detected in 13 batches of tableware,分别为中牟县开饭了快餐店使用的1批次碗、1批次勺子、1批次杯子,阴离子合成洗涤剂(以十二烷基苯磺酸钠计)、大肠菌群不合格;郑州市郑东新区白沙镇秦记烙馍村饭店使用的来自河南众碗典范环保科技有限公司的1批次筷子,阴离子合成洗涤剂(以十二烷基苯磺酸钠计)不合格;郑州高新技术产业开发区李伟达饺子馆使用的1批次餐盘、1批次餐碗、1批次杯子,大肠菌群不合格;郑州市惠济区五厂烩羊肉美食店使用的1批次小碗、1批次小碟,大肠菌群不合格;郑州宴遇小火炉餐饮管理有限公司使用的1批次装粥碗、1批次圆碗,阴离子合成洗涤剂(以十二烷基苯磺酸钠计)、大肠菌群不合格;郑州宴遇小火炉餐饮管理有限公司使用的1批次方盘、1批次杯子,阴离子合成洗涤剂(以十二烷基苯磺酸钠计)不合格。
Coliform group is one of the commonly used indicators of food pollution at home and abroad. According to the national food safety standard for disinfected tableware (drinking) (GB 14934-2016), coliform bacteria shall not be detected in disinfected tableware (drinking). The cause of coliform bacteria detected in tableware may be tableware清洗、灭菌不彻底,或存放过程中污染等。
  阴离子合成洗涤剂的主要活性成分是十二烷基苯磺酸钠,是一种低毒的化学物质。《食品安全国家标准 消毒餐(饮)具》(GB 14934-2016)中规定,消毒餐(饮)具中阴离子合成洗涤剂(以十二烷基苯磺酸钠计)不得检出。消毒餐(饮)具中检出阴离子合成洗涤剂的原因,可能是用于清洗餐具的洗涤剂不符合标准;也可能是洗涤剂或消毒剂未彻底冲洗干净等。


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18 惠州市耶利亚食品饮料有限公司 博罗县园洲镇沙头村32米路南面(庆丰二路12号) 方城县裕客隆百货副食有限责任公司 方城县城关镇凤瑞路中段 清蓝椰子水椰汁(植物蛋白饮料) 1L/瓶 清蓝+图形 2021-12-23 蛋白质║0.44g/100g║≥0.5g/100g 饮料 初检机构:河南省食品检验研究院;复检机构:河南省产品质量监督检验院
19 / / 济源市坡头郑镜早餐店 济源市坡头镇南大街 油条 / / / 铝的残留量(干样品,以Al计)║369mg/kg║≤100mg/kg 餐饮食品 济源市食品药品检验检测中心
20 河南众碗典范环保科技有限公司 开封市郑开大道四大街11号 郑东新区白沙镇秦记烙馍村饭店 郑州市郑东新区白沙镇商都路东岸曦城楼下 筷子 / / / 阴离子合成洗涤剂(以十二烷基苯磺酸钠计)║0.0178mg/100cm2║不得检出 餐饮食品 河南省产品质量监督检验院
21 兰考县鲜时代购物广场 河南省开封市兰考县振兴路与考城路交叉口无号 兰考县鲜时代购物广场 河南省开封市兰考县振兴路与考城路交叉口无号 油炸花生米 计量称重 / / 黄曲霉毒素B1║247μg/kg║≤20μg/kg 餐饮食品 河南省产品质量监督检验院
22 / / 汝南县贾立新副食超市 汝宁街道办事处康宁新城楼下 黑芝麻 计量称重 / / 酸价(以脂肪计)║3.8mg/g║≤3mg/g 食用农产品 河南省产品质量监督检验院
23 / / 涧南农贸批发市场马平新 涧南农贸批发市场 白豆角 计量称重 / / 噻虫胺║0.078mg/kg║≤0.01mg/kg 食用农产品 河南省产品质量监督检验院
24 潮州市潮安区庵埠富味食品厂 潮州市潮安区庵埠仙溪工业区 大商集团(新乡)新玛特购物广场有限公司 新乡市卫滨区解放大道(中)218号 黄梅干 85克/袋 美思奇+图形 2021-10-08 二氧化硫残留量║0.45g/kg║≤0.35g/kg 水果制品 初检机构:新乡市食品药品检验所;复检机构:河南省产品质量监督检验院
25 开封市龙亭区罗罗食品厂 河南省开封市顺河回族区正和创业园东区一期17号楼1-3层西户 河南丹尼斯百货有限公司信阳春晓分公司 信阳市浉河区申城大道与春晓路交汇处南虹广场 花生酥•原味(糕点) 260克/盒 罗罗+图形 2021-11-19 过氧化值(以脂肪计)║0.67g/100g║≤0.25g/100g 糕点 河南省食品检验研究院
26 / / 郑州市惠济区五厂烩羊肉美食店 河南省郑州市惠济区迈普产业园188 小碗 / / / 大肠菌群║检出║不得检出 餐饮食品 河南省食品检验研究院
27 / / 郑州市惠济区五厂烩羊肉美食店 河南省郑州市惠济区迈普产业园188 小碟 / / / 大肠菌群║检出║不得检出 餐饮食品 河南省食品检验研究院
28 / / 济源市坡头镇妞妞烧饼店 济源市坡头镇西霞湖市场 油条 / / / 铝的残留量(干样品,以Al计)║170mg/kg║≤100mg/kg 餐饮食品 济源市食品药品检验检测中心
29 / / 濮阳市百姓量贩有限公司万嘉分公司 濮阳市黄河路与长庆路东北角万嘉360广场F一层 长豆角 / / / 灭蝇胺║2.0mg/kg║≤0.5mg/kg 食用农产品 河南省食品检验研究院
30 / / 中电建(三门峡)千禧商贸有限公司生活广场 三门峡西神泉路与胜利路交叉口 扁豆角 计量称重 / / 噻虫胺║0.056mg/kg║≤0.01mg/kg 食用农产品 河南省产品质量监督检验院
31 山东多麦食品股份有限公司 山东省枣庄市市中区人民路与东外环交界处路东 郏县华联商贸有限公司 郏县复兴路北段 枸杞红枣银耳羹 400g/罐 始美滋+字母+图形 2022-02-11 霉菌║180CFU/g;70CFU/g;35CFU/g;90CFU/g;40CFU/g║n=5,c=2,m=50,M=102CFU/g 方便食品 开封市食品药品检验所
32 山东多麦食品股份有限公司 山东省枣庄市市中区人民路与东外环交界处路东 封丘县黄德镇顺心超市 河南省封丘县黄德镇黄德村 酸奶果粒麦片 300g/袋 贞意+图形 2022-01-01 霉菌║20CFU/g;250CFU/g;240CFU/g;75CFU/g;55CFU/g║n=5,c=2,m=50,M=102CFU/g 方便食品 开封市食品药品检验所
33 巨野县啃棒食品加工厂 山东省菏泽市巨野县经济技术开发区毛张村村东 内黄县宜佳优品生活超市 河南省安阳市内黄县东庄镇政府西300米路南 山椒凤爪 30克/袋 众客发+图形 2021-10-15 菌落总数║24000CFU/g;18000CFU/g;16000CFU/g;21000CFU/g;25000CFU/g║n=5,c=2,m=10000,M=100000CFU/g 肉制品 濮阳市食品药品检验检测中心
34 / / 郑州宴遇小火炉餐饮管理有限公司 河南省郑州市郑东新区龙子湖博学路局外太格茂5层508 装粥碗 / / / 阴离子合成洗涤剂(以十二烷基苯磺酸钠计)║0.0111mg/100cm2║不得检出;大肠菌群║检出║不得检出 餐饮食品 河南省产品质量监督检验院
35 / / 郑州宴遇小火炉餐饮管理有限公司 河南省郑州市郑东新区龙子湖博学路局外太格茂5层508 圆碗 / / / 阴离子合成洗涤剂(以十二烷基苯磺酸钠计)║0.0163mg/100cm2║不得检出;大肠菌群║检出║║不得检出 餐饮食品 河南省产品质量监督检验院
36 / / 郑州宴遇小火炉餐饮管理有限公司 河南省郑州市郑东新区龙子湖博学路局外太格茂5层508 方盘 / / / 阴离子合成洗涤剂(以十二烷基苯磺酸钠计)║0.0282mg/100cm2║不得检出 餐饮食品 河南省产品质量监督检验院
37 / / 郑州宴遇小火炉餐饮管理有限公司 河南省郑州市郑东新区龙子湖博学路局外太格茂5层508 杯子 / / / 阴离子合成洗涤剂(以十二烷基苯磺酸钠计)║0.0154mg/100cm2║不得检出 餐饮食品 河南省产品质量监督检验院
38 / / 鹤壁市淇滨区贵英天天菜行 淇滨区商贸城 韭菜 计量 / / 腐霉利║1.85mg/kg║≤0.2mg/kg 食用农产品 河南省产品质量监督检验院
39 天津市有泰工贸有限公司 天津市津南区摩力达民营产业园K座-甲-202、203 长葛市鑫盛翔百货商店 长葛市老城镇前进路 奇亚籽坚果速溶藕粉羹 500克/罐 齋知味+图形 2022-01-01 霉菌║140CFU/g;50CFU/g;40CFU/g;95CFU/g;70CFU/g║n=5,c=2,m=50,M=102CFU/g 方便食品 开封市食品药品检验所
40 总经销商:河北锦食食品有限公司;生产商:沧州宏伟食品有限公司 总经销商地址:沧县崔尔庄镇东崔尔庄村477号;生产商地址:沧县高川乡经济开发园区 临颍县易之和生活超市 临颍县城关107国道汽车站南侧 阿拉尔枣肉片 350克/桶 晓岚村+图形 2021-12-10 霉菌║400CFU/g║≤150CFU/g 水果制品 新乡市食品药品检验所
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