2022 China food and Education Development Forum successfully held
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From July 22 to 23, the”2022 China Food Education Development Forum” was successfully held in Jinan. The forum was guided by the Shandong Food Science and Technology Association and the International Association for the promotion of food education exchange. It was jointly hosted by the food education network, Shandong Normal University and Shandong group meal industry association. Shandong women’s and children’s activity center, Beijing food society, Jiangxi food education society, Nanjing Xiaozhuang College, Jiuyang public welfare foundation Co organized by the science popularization and Education Working Committee of Shandong society of food science and technology.
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With the theme of”gathering industry resources and exploring the implementation of food education”, this forum invited more than 20 experts and scholars who have been engaged in food education theoretical research for a long time, as well as teams and individuals with rich practical experience in food education, to make keynote speeches and round table dialogues around the analysis of China’s food education environment, the sustainable development path of food education in different fields, and the practical models of food education at home and abroad.
At the beginning of the event, Miao chain, head of food education network and food interesting popular science animation team, extended a warm welcome to the guests on behalf of the host direction. Subsequently, he fatao, Secretary General of Shandong Food Science and Technology Association, Yang Guiwen, Dean of School of life sciences of Shandong Normal University, and Wang Haiqing, President of Shandong group meal industry association delivered speeches. Secretary general he fatao pointed out that food education, especially the diet and health education of children and adolescents, is a major event related to the future of the country and the nation, and also an important starting point for the implementation of the healthy China strategy, which requires the joint efforts of the state, society, schools, families and enterprises.
By introducing the deficiencies of children and adolescents in health awareness and nutritional literacy in China, President Yang Guiwen proposed the importance and urgency of food education, and introduced a series of food education related research and results carried out by the school of life sciences of Shandong Normal University. He hoped that through this forum, a platform for exchange and cooperation in food education at home and abroad would be built to help the good development of the food education industry.
President Wang Haiqing introduced the relevant food education work of the group meal Association, and hoped to share practical experience with you from a professional perspective and make contributions to promoting the rapid development of food education in China.
Ma Guansheng, Professor of the school of public health of Peking University; Liu ailing, director of the nutrition and Health Education Office of the Institute of nutrition and health of the China Center for Disease Control and prevention; Chi Yuju, a first-class researcher of the Shandong provincial market supervision and administration; Huang Jiazhang, director of the plant food and nutrition policy research center of the Institute of food and nutrition development of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas; Wang Xufeng, President of the capital health nutrition and gastronomy Association; Zhang Haoyu, editor in chief of the practical guidance on kindergarten food education Liu Lu, project manager of Jiuyang public welfare foundation, Zhang Hongyan, deputy dean of School of life sciences of Shandong Normal University, Feng Ziheng, Dean of Henan Institute of food and Education Sciences, LV Ying, CEO of Shenzhen Shenbo education and Culture Co., Ltd., Wang Yuqing, Professor of Kyushu University in Japan, Professor Pinchuan Ming, female university of Japan Academy of learning, Wang Xiaochen, head of Baihe preschool education group, Wang xingyong, President of Tianhe No. 1 primary school in Longwan District, Wenzhou Mengjinfeng, a senior engineer of COFCO group, attended the forum and delivered a speech on food and education.
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This forum also set up a round table sharing session, presided over by Zhu Changqing, director of the children’s Food Research Institute of Nanjing Xiaozhuang University, and invited he Liu, executive deputy director of Tianjin Food Safety Science Popularization base of Tianjin University of science and technology, Li Xihui, director of the office of Jiangxi food and education society, Wang Jun, President of Jinan Quanxing primary school, Liu fan, founder of Shenzhen Children’s wisdom food and education squirrel jump Yang Haiyan, a teacher of Beijing Xuanwu Youth Science and Technology Museum, discussed how to promote the development and implementation of food education in combination with local resources. All teachers shared their own food education work practice and implementation.
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The food and education forum set up an exhibition of food and education equipment and books to show you excellent books and textbooks of food and education. Food and education utensils such as food apron, food pagoda and food and education science experiment box also made the guests refreshing. There was a warm exchange atmosphere at this food education forum. Everyone had a heated discussion on how to carry out food education work, how to make food education textbooks, and how to build food education bases.
In the future, the food education network will continue to play a platform role, make use of its own technology and resource advantages, and work together with food education workers all over the country to jointly promote the development of China’s food education!