155 batches of samples of three categories of food were sampled in Shanghai, and enrofloxacin was found unqualified in this batch of loach
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  Food partner online news On July one8, the Shanghai municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau announced the sampling inspection of one55 batches of food samples in three categories:condiments, special dietary foods and edible agricultural products, of which one54 batches were qualified and one batch was unqualified.
The unqualified samples are loaches sold by Yipin fresh food supermarket (sanmenlu store) (the operator is Tangbo food store in Hongkou District, Shanghai) on meituan.com (online store), and enrofloxacin (the sum of enrofloxacin and ciprofloxacin) is unqualified.
Enrofloxacin belongs to the third generation of quinolones. It is a kind of synthetic broad-spectrum antibiotics, which is used to treat skin infections and respiratory tract infections in animals. It is an exclusive drug for animals. The maximum residue limit of veterinary drugs in food (GB 3one650-20one9) stipulates that the maximum limit of enrofloxacin in fish (skin and meat) is one00 μ g/kg。
For the unqualified products found in the sampling inspection, the Shanghai municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau has asked the relevant district market supervision and Administration Bureau to investigate and deal with the unqualified food and its producers and operators in a timely manner, investigate and deal with them according to law, further urge the enterprises to fulfill their legal obligations, and record the relevant information into the food safety credit files of food producers and operators. The investigation and handling of the case shall be made public by the district market supervision and Administration Bureau in charge of the investigation and handling of the case where the enterprise is located according to the regulations.
Information on unqualified samples of provincial food safety sampling inspection issued by Shanghai market supervision and Administration Bureau in 2022
Statement:the following information only refers to the production date/batch number and inspected items of relevant products of the nominal manufacturer in this sampling inspection
Serial number Name of nominal manufacturer Nominal manufacturer address Name of sampled unit Address of sampled unit Name of online shop Network pumping platform name Food name Specification and model trademark Production date/batch number Unqualified items ║ inspection results ║ standard values classification Inspection organization remarks
one / / Shanghai Hongkou Tangbo food store 上海市虹口区三门路oneone73号 Yipin fresh food supermarket (Sanmen Road store) Beijing Sankuai Technology Co., Ltd. (meituan.com) Loach / / February 24, 2022 (purchase date) 恩诺沙星(恩诺沙星与环丙沙星之和)║703μg/kg║≤one00μg/kg Edible agricultural products Shanghai Huaci Pinbiao Testing Technology Co., Ltd
(source:Shanghai Municipal Bureau of market supervision

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