10. The national standard of”Baijiu quality requirements Part 2″ was released in the on-demand newspaper; Luzhou promotes the Baijiu industry to strengthen the chain, supplement and extend the chain; Guizhou SASAC made a reply on the listing of Xijiu
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Baijiu quality requirements Part 2 national standard release
Recently, the National Standardization Administration Committee announced that the national standard gb/t 10781.2-twenty22″Baijiu quality requirements Part 2:fragrant Baijiu” was officially released on July 11, twenty22, replacing gb/t 10781.2-twenty06″fragrant Baijiu”, and the implementation date is February 1, twenty23. This revision is the second revision of this standard. The main changes include:changing the definition of Qingxiang Baijiu, deleting product classification, changing sensory requirements, changing physical and chemical requirements, and deleting health requirements.


The declaration of a new batch of national foreign cultural trade bases was carried out
Recently, the general office of the Ministry of culture and tourism and the general office of the Ministry of Commerce issued a notice on the declaration of a new batch of national foreign cultural trade bases. The circular decided to carry out the declaration of a new batch of national foreign cultural trade bases, promote the decision-making and deployment of Chinese culture to go global, promote the high-quality development of culture and tourism trade, and better serve the construction of a new development pattern and the construction of a socialist cultural power.

Chairman of China finance, trade, textile and tobacco trade union investigates Maotai
On July 28, Wang Qian, chairman of the China finance, trade, textile and tobacco Union, led a team to Maotai to investigate the pilot work of industrial worker team construction and reform, and listened to the report on the pilot work of industrial worker team construction and reform of Maotai Group. Wang Qian affirmed the pilot work of the construction and reform of the industrial workforce of Maotai Group.

Ding Xiongjun visited Maotai militia emergency company
On July 28, on the occasion of celebrating the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army, Ding Xiongjun, chairman of Maotai Group, visited and expressed condolences to all the staff of the Maotai Group militia emergency company and extended festive greetings and best wishes to them. Ding Xiongjun stressed that the Maotai Group militia emergency company has played a positive role in maintaining the security and stable development of Maotai and shouldered special and glorious responsibilities.

Luzhou promotes Baijiu industry to strengthen the chain, supplement and extend the chain
On July 26, the working meeting of Luzhou municipal Party committee of Sichuan Province and the on-site meeting for the competition and training of major projects in the”South Wing” in the third quarter of twenty22 were held. The meeting emphasized that in terms of consumption, we should innovate and develop new forms and new models of consumption, accelerate the construction of new consumption projects such as Yangtze River wine cultural ecological park and Langjiu Longma manor, better meet diversified and personalized consumption needs, and make the consumer market prosperous.

Chinese and foreign landmark Products Expo will be held in Luzhou
On July 26, the first China foreign geographical indication products Expo will be held in Luzhou from July 29 to 31, with the theme of”strengthening the protection of geographical indications and promoting high-quality industrial development”. This landmark Products Expo will set up an exhibition area of 30000 square meters in Luzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, mainly to display Chinese and foreign geographical indication products. Among them, Hall C is the exhibition hall of Chinese Baijiu.

Special training on strict fire safety in Fenjiu
Recently, the opening ceremony of the twenty22 fire safety special training of Shanxi Fenjiu was held in Xinyi hall. After half a year, Shanxi Fenjiu has carried out special fire-fighting training for its employees again, which reflects the pursuit of”foolproof” high standards under the sustained and rapid development of Fenjiu.


Guizhou SASAC made a reply on the listing of Xijiu
Recently, in response to the strong concern about the listing of Xijiu, the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Guizhou made a reply:”whether the enterprise is listed and how it is listed involve business secrets, which should not be disclosed before implementation.”

Jiugui Liquor (inheritance) price adjustment from September 1
Recently, Jiugui Liquor supply and marketing company issued a notice on the price adjustment of Jiugui Liquor (inheritance). According to the notice, the company decided to increase the strategic price of 52 ° 500ml Jiugui wine (inheritance) by 30 yuan/bottle, 39 ° 500ml Jiugui wine (inheritance) and 42 ° 500ml Jiugui wine (inheritance) (1987) by 10 yuan/bottle from September 1, twenty22.

Xifeng Liquor participated in Shaanxi consumer boutique Promotion Conference
On the morning of July 27, the Shaanxi consumer goods promotion conference with the theme of”fashion products Shaanxi shine in China” was held in Yate Conference Center, Haikou City. Xifeng Liquor, as the representative of Chinese Baijiu culture and the”business card of Shaanxi”, was invited to participate in the brand promotion.

Hexiuxia put forward three requirements for golden seed management
On July 26, hexiuxia, general manager of golden seed wine, expounded three requirements for optimizing system and process management at the kick-off meeting of system and process optimization:first, we should unify our thinking and deeply understand the strategic significance of system and process optimization; Second, we should make up for the shortcomings and raise the system and process management to a new level; Third, we should be based on reality to ensure that the optimization of system and process achieves practical results.

Hengshui Laobaigan walks into Hebei nasen group
On July 24, Li Jian, manager of the business development center of Hebei Hengshui high end wine region, and his party entered the strategic cooperative enterprise Hebei nasen group to carry out enterprise exchanges and interactions. The meeting expressed the hope that in the future, the two sides should give full play to their leading role and exemplary role in their respective industries, build a good ecosystem of coordinated development, and work together to promote the high-quality development of the economy of Hebei Province.

Weilong promotes employee stock ownership plan
On July 27, Weilong issued the twenty22 employee stock ownership plan (Draft), which plans to grant no more than 666400 shares of the company to no more than 30 directors (excluding independent directors), supervisors, senior managers, core managers and core backbone employees of the company (including subsidiaries). The source of the shares is Weilong A-share common stock repurchased by the company’s special repurchase account.

Guizhou brewed 6 new products to be released tomorrow
On July 29, the launch conference of Guizhou brewing products of Guizhou Brewing Group Co., Ltd.”Guizhou brewing good wine · Guizhou brewing good wine” was held in Guizhou hotel. Guizhou wine will release six new products, including silver wine, golden wine, Zhen wine, Royal Wine and fine wine, as well as China Guizhou wine specially customized for China Post.

Datang liquor OBM project has signed a total of 616 million yuan
On July 26, the conference of Datang liquor’s private brand +obm dual drive incubation plan was held in Shenzhen. At the press conference, Datang wine released the”enterprise twenty25 development plan” for the first time, and launched the OBM brand incubation plan at the same time. On site, Datang wine reached strategic cooperation with jiuxian.com, Yuanwang group, Shenzhen Tianhong, and its hometown Henan. Since twenty22, the cumulative contract amount of Datang wine OBM project has reached 616 million yuan.

Water saving irrigation experiment of wine grapes in Ningxia
On July 25, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Institute of Meteorological Sciences carried out the measurement of grape photosynthesis, fluorescence and other parameters under different irrigation treatments at the wine grape field test demonstration base in minning Town, Yongning County, Yinchuan city. Monitor the soil moisture, evaporation between trees and grape water consumption under different irrigation treatments, and study the impact of irrigation on grape water consumption and growth and development, so as to provide support for the optimization of water-saving irrigation schemes and the prediction of irrigation volume.

Tianming civil rights wine won the provincial innovation enterprise
Recently, the Department of industry and information technology of Henan Province issued the notice on publishing the review and evaluation results of technological innovation demonstration enterprises in Henan Province in twenty21 and twenty22. Tianming civil rights Wine Co., Ltd. is the only enterprise in Shangqiu that has won this honor by virtue of its strong technological innovation ability and innovation performance.

Bordeaux winery was forced to evacuate due to the daily fire
A few days ago, Gironde Province, located west of Bordeaux, was shrouded in fire and has been burning for several days. More than twenty000 hectares of land were burned by the fire, and the staff working in the vineyard of Liebert winery in graves were also evacuated. The Bordeaux Wine Industry Association (CIVB) said that so far, no vineyards have been burned by the fire.

The second Langfang Qingdao Beer Festival kicked off today
Recently, the second Langfang Tsingtao Beer Festival was held in Langfang International Convention and Exhibition Center from July 29 to August 7. At that time, citizens and tourists can drink wine, taste delicious food, watch performances, and visit the night market to experience this passionate beer event and feel the enthusiasm and vitality of Langfang.

Tibet Lhasa beer company plans to invest in new bottled production line
On July 28, Tibet development held the 15th meeting of the 9th board of directors, which deliberated and passed the proposal on proposing the holding subsidiary Tibet Lhasa Beer Co., Ltd. to build a new beer production line, proposing that Lhasa Beer use its own funds to invest in a new bottled filling production line within 45million yuan at the existing plant site, and the construction period should not exceed one year.

The first stop of CR’s”beer white mode” landed in Anhui
On July 28, China Resources Wine Co., Ltd. launched the China Resources beer white model Anhui strategic partner cooperation conference between China Resources Snow Anhui regional company and Shandong Jingzhi Baijiu Co., Ltd. in Hefei, Anhui Province. Jingzhi Baijiu entered Anhui and gathered with dealers all over Anhui to talk about the trend of liquor industry, the value of Zhixiang, and the prospect of cooperation, so as to start a new journey of Zhixiang.

Banquet Taihu yellow rice wine completed financing of 200million yuan
Recently, the domestic high-end yellow rice wine brand banquet Taihu completed a round of financing. The financing is valued at 200million yuan, and the financing will be mainly used to help the innovative research and development of high-end rice wine products, the continuous construction of brands and the in-depth layout of channels. The investors include Han Huiru, the actual controller of the A-share Listed Company Oriental Tower.

LVMH’s liquor revenue in the first half of the year increased by 23%year-on-year
  7月26日,LVMH (路威酩轩)发布了twenty22上半年业绩报告。公司上半年销售收入同比增长28%至367亿欧元,葡萄酒和烈酒部门销售额33.27亿欧元,同比增长23%(有机增长14%);经常性营业利润同比增长25%,至11.54亿欧元。