Focus on”one large and two small” Mudanjiang city to carry out investigation of potential food safety hazards in summer
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It was midsummer, and the temperature and humidity continued to rise, creating conditions for the breeding of bacteria and viruses, and the hidden dangers of food safety became more prominent. In order to promote the in-depth implementation of the special rectification action of”micro corruption” in food safety, the special action of”keeping the bottom line, investigating hidden dangers and ensuring safety” in food safety and the activity of”year of implementation of food safety system”, Mudanjiang City conducted risk research and judgment in combination with regional eating habits and hot spots of consumer complaints and reports, and decided to carry out a one month investigation of the hidden dangers of large stalls, small restaurants and small vendors.
Highlight Department linkage
Under the leadership of the food safety office of the municipal government, the municipal market supervision bureau, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, the Municipal Health Commission and the food safety office of the county (city) and district governments implement the management responsibility and territorial responsibility, strengthen the daily management and supervision of large food stalls, small restaurants and small vendors in the city in the morning and evening, and fully cover the hidden danger investigation and risk warning. At the same time, we will strengthen inter departmental linkage and resolutely investigate and deal with illegal acts that infringe on the health of the people in accordance with the law.
Highlight the screening of key varieties
High temperature in summer, rice yeast acid in”wet rice noodles” and”sour soup” is easy to ferment and cause food poisoning; People like to eat cooked marinated meat, cold dishes, seafood, etc., which are easy to cause gastrointestinal diseases if they are not cleaned or processed. This time, we will focus on checking whether the”one large and two small” business entities illegally store nitrite, whether they implement the system of incoming inspection of food raw materials and the system of asking for tickets and certificates, whether the food storage meets the standards, whether the employees have health certificates, whether the water and environmental sanitation meet the standards, and whether the catering operation specifications such as the separation of raw and cooked food are in place. At the same time, food safety supervision and sampling inspection were carried out for fermented rice noodles and marinated meat products to ensure that the general public can eat at ease.
Highlight the screening of key places
The summer vacation is coming, and the city will also usher in the summer vacation and tourism peak. Barbecue and special snacks are also welcomed by the masses. The law enforcement personnel of relevant departments will focus on the inspection of online shopping malls and small restaurants and large food stalls with a large number of people, and fully implement the main responsibility for food safety. In order to achieve the authenticity of the inspection and truly understand the whole process of food production in the catering unit, the law enforcement personnel of relevant departments choose to conduct surprise inspection during the peak dining period from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. to ensure that the special inspection is implemented.
Highlight publicity and guidance
The municipal market supervision bureau issued food safety tips in summer and food poisoning risk tips of fermented rice noodles on wechat official account and mainstream media, guided the masses to eat scientifically, avoided eating”sour soup” and”deteriorated Tremella”, and strictly prevented food poisoning incidents.