Combating the New Crown Epidemic and Promoting Trade Development丨Large Manor-2021 Meat Industry Development Conference Series Reports (2)
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   Since the beginning of 2020, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has had a significant impact on global meat production, trade and consumption. Judging the future trend of the meat industry under the conditions of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and forming the consensus and joint efforts of colleagues in the meat industry from all over the world are of great significance for overcoming the new crown pneumonia epidemic and safeguarding human health. On the afternoon of September 13, the speakers at the Great Manor-2021 Meat Industry Development Conference conducted in-depth discussions on preventing and controlling the new crown epidemic, promoting meat trade, ensuring meat supply, and improving human health, and strived to form an industry consensus on a global scale. Establish a foundation for a new meat trade order.
  The afternoon meeting was chaired by Zhang Yuanfei, Chief Engineer of China Meat Association.

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   Associate researcher of the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Development, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Wang Zuli, chief expert on monitoring and early warning of the pig industry of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, delivered a keynote speech to the delegates on the status quo and development trend of China’s livestock and poultry market. A detailed explanation will be made on three aspects:the current status of the main livestock and poultry product market, the recovery form of live pig production capacity, and the judgment of the market outlook. He said that as of the first half of 2021, the recovery of live pig production capacity was better than expected, but the recovery of slaughter was relatively lagging. He emphasized that due to the superimposed effects of multiple factors, short-term pig prices will still fluctuate and a seasonal rebound is still expected. However, the rebound height is limited and the cycle peak has passed. The overall pig price will be in a trend downward channel in the future. It is profitable, but the profitability level will decline year-on-year.
  Wang Wei, Dean of Sichuan Meat Industry Technology Research Institute of Chengdu University, gave a speech on the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic in meat production enterprises and analysis of key points. He started to explain the themes from four aspects:the impact of the new crown epidemic on the meat industry, the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic in the meat industry, and the new crown epidemic in German meat companies and its prevention and control, providing participants with a wealth of case thinking space And a broad perspective of epidemic prevention route planning.
   Beijing Representative Office of the World Wide Fund for Nature (Switzerland), Yu Xin, Director of Sustainable Food Consumption and Green Supply Chain Project, gave a keynote speech on the topic of green meat trade and sustainable development. She said that the world is currently facing global climate change. With the support of relevant national departments, the China Meat Industry Association Standard”Green Trade in the Meat Industry” was jointly formulated by the WWF (Switzerland) Beijing Representative Office and the China Meat Association. The Specification was released this year. In the future, we will continue to join hands with the meat industry to build a vibrant home on the earth.
   Thermo Fisher Scientific (China) Co., Ltd. senior product and application consultant Hu Jieming shared with you the challenges of foreign body detection and net weight control with the theme of”Meat product inspection bottlenecks and new technologies”, and introduced Thermo Fisher The advanced technology of Fei X-ray solves the problem of incomprehensive traditional meat foreign body detection technology for colleagues in the industry.
   During the conference, the signing ceremony, unveiling ceremony and commendation ceremony were also held.
  Uruguayan Ambassador to China Fernando Lugris Fernando Lugris delivered a speech at the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between the China Meat Association and the National Meat Association of Uruguay. He said that Uruguay has always been a very important supplier of beef and mutton to China. He hoped that, together with the China Meat Association, the strategic cooperation agreement signed today will have a practical effect. Welcome everyone to the Uruguay representative exhibition area during the exhibition. Share more information about beef and mutton.
   Liang Shuzhen, Secretary-General of the Food Safety and Meat Industry Healthy Development Committee of China Meat Association, delivered a speech at the awarding ceremony of”China Meat Food Safety Credit System Construction Demonstration Unit”. She expressed her gratitude to all companies, government supervisory department leaders, and industry colleagues for their strong support to the work of the Secretariat over the years. To make an enterprise bigger and stronger, it must put food safety first in its work. She hopes that business representatives present will pay attention to the”Demonstration Project for the Construction of China’s Meat Food Safety Credit System” activity and actively participate in this activity to contribute to the high-quality development of China’s meat industry and the continuous improvement of corporate credibility.
Combating the New Crown Epidemic and Promoting Trade Development丨Large Manor-2021 Meat Industry Development Conference Series Reports (2)image
  During the meeting, the China Meat Association also awarded outstanding local industry organization medals to related companies and local associations with outstanding performance at work:
Combating the New Crown Epidemic and Promoting Trade Development丨Large Manor-2021 Meat Industry Development Conference Series Reports (2)image(1)
   Outstanding industry organizations are:
Combating the New Crown Epidemic and Promoting Trade Development丨Large Manor-2021 Meat Industry Development Conference Series Reports (2)image(2)
  Beijing Meat Food Association
  Hebei Meat Industry Association
  Hangzhou Meat Industry Association
  Shandong Meat Association
  Anhui Meat Industry Association
  Shandong Healthy Meat Industry Federation
   Zhejiang Meat Association
  Henan Meat Association
  Qingdao Meat Association
  Guangxi Meat Food Association
  Hunan Meat Association
  Chongqing Meat Industry Association
  Chengdu Meat Association
  Heilongjiang Meat Association
  Xuanwei Ham Industry Service Center
  Hubei Meat Industry Association
  Jinhua Ham Industry Association