Vietnam’s seafood exports to Europe in the first half of this year increased by 20%year-on-year
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From SeafoodMedia on July 28, the export value of Vietnamese seafood to Europe in the first half of this year was US$486 million, an increase of 20%year-on-year. Among them, the export value of farmed seafood was US$332 million, an increase of 18%year-on-year, and the export value of wild products was 154 million. US dollars, an increase of 24%year-on-year.

   Shrimp exports amounted to US$256 million, a year-on-year increase of 27%, of which white leg shrimp exports amounted to US$205 million, an increase of 31%year-on-year; black tiger shrimp exports amounted to US$36.5 million, an increase of 15%year-on-year.
   Tuna exports amounted to US$74 million, an increase of 31%year-on-year; shellfish exports amounted to US$33 million, an increase of 45%year-on-year; squid exports amounted to US$21 million, an increase of 56%year-on-year; octopus exports amounted to US$5.5 million, an increase of 33%year-on-year%. However, catfish exports amounted to US$58 million, a year-on-year decrease of 18%.
  Europe is the fourth largest exporter of Vietnamese seafood, second only to the United States, Japan and China.
   Due to the IUU fishing problem in 2017, the European Commission issued a yellow card to Vietnam, believing that Vietnam has not done enough in this regard. Affected by this, and the epidemic has not yet been fully and effectively controlled, it will have a certain impact on the export situation of Vietnam in the second half of the year. The Vietnam Fisheries Export and Producers Association predicts that the export value of Vietnamese seafood to Europe from July to December this year is about 600 million. USD, an increase of 8%year-on-year.