Maine lobsters have decreased, and prices have increased significantly
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  From SeafoodNews on July 26, the New York Times reported that some lobster sheds in Maine sold lobster rolls for as high as $34, and restaurants in the area felt the impact of rising lobster prices.

   In the past few months, many local restaurants have been increasing the price of lobster products, and some restaurants have removed all fresh lobster from the menu.
   For the first time in four or five years, Mosher Restaurant had to increase the price of lobster rolls from US$21 to US$26. The same is true for Dutch Treat restaurants. The price of lobster rolls has been raised by $1 twice this year, and Calzolaio Pasta has removed fresh lobster from the menu.
   The terminal price of lobster this year is nearly $3 per pound higher than normal. Shrimp catcher Mark Bradstreet said that the current price of lobster is US$6.80 per pound, while at this time in previous years, the price of lobster was US$4 per pound.
  Mark Bradstreet pointed out that there are various reasons for this dramatic increase, such as less lobster catches than usual, Canadian processors increasing lobster purchases, Maine’s tourism recovery, and shrimp catchers. Shortage etc.
   The most important thing is that the number of lobsters in Maine is decreasing. In the past few years, the lobster catch in Maine has dropped from 120 million pounds to 100 million pounds. Although the trading business is booming, in the next few months, the threat of lobster disappearing is looming.