Letter from the Laoting County Catering Industry Association on the issuance of the”Service Specification for Public Spoon and Chopsticks of Catering Service Units” for Soliciting Opinions on the Group Standard
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All relevant units and experts:
   In accordance with the relevant provisions of the”Loting County Catering and Cooking Industry Association Group Standard Management Measures”, the Laoting County Catering and Cooking Industry Association has led the development of the group standard of the”Catering Service Unit Public Chopsticks Service Specification”. The preparation of the draft of the standard for soliciting comments has been completed.
   In order to further improve the quality of the standard, the draft of the standard is now submitted to relevant units and experts. Experts are requested to review (or authorize others to review). Please send your comments by email to August 30, 2021. A few days ago, feedback to the standard drafting working group, and those who have not responded within the time limit will be handled as no objection. Thank you for your support!
  Contact information:Laoting County Catering Industry Association
  Contact:Yang An
  Contact number:0315-5225201
   Email:[email protected]