Huaibei City Market Supervision Administration’s Reminder on the Safety of Preventing Foodborne Diseases in Summer
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   Entering summer, the temperature is high, the humidity is high, the growth of pathogenic microorganisms accelerates, and the food is easy to spoil and deteriorate. Food-borne diseases caused by ingestion of spoiled or contaminated food with pathogenic bacteria have entered a high-incidence period. In order to effectively prevent the occurrence of food-borne diseases (or food poisoning) in summer and ensure the safety of the public’s diet and health, the Huaibei Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau reminds the general public to take precautions against food-borne diseases in summer:
   1. Prevent nitrite poisoning
  Pickled sauerkraut, as the temperature rises, the content of nitrite increases. Eating too much or eating sauerkraut that has become sticky at one time can easily lead to nitrite poisoning. Advocate the family not to store or use nitrite. Food production and processing enterprises use it in accordance with the national food safety standards, and make records and public announcements. Catering service providers are prohibited from purchasing, storing, and using nitrite.
   2. Prevention of bacterial food poisoning
  Summer is an active period for bacterial growth, and bacterial food poisoning is prone to occur. The food must be cooked thoroughly, and the overnight meals must be kept refrigerated. Before eating, make sure that the food is not spoiled, and must be heated and eaten thoroughly.
   Three, prevent poisonous plant poisoning
   Nowadays, wild game has become a delicacy on people’s tables. Remind the general public:First, when enjoying the original ecological, green natural food, you must grasp the amount of consumption; second, do not pick wild mushrooms in the ground or on the mountain, especially wild mushrooms that you have not eaten or don’t know. Citizen friends must overcome their fluke mentality and be paralyzed to prevent poisoning from eating poisonous mushrooms.
  Four. Prevention of pesticide poisoning
  Vegetable pests are high in summer, and vegetable farmers use pesticides frequently. When purchasing vegetables, they should smell whether the vegetables smell of pesticides, and avoid purchasing large quantities of vegetables with excessive pesticide residues. For vegetables that can be peeled, they must be peeled before eating. Vegetables that cannot be peeled must be rinsed with water before eating to reduce the amount of pesticide residues on the surface of the vegetables.
   In addition, the general public is especially reminded that once gastrointestinal discomfort symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea occur, which are suspected to be related to food, they should immediately go to a nearby regular medical institution for treatment, and do not take drugs in order to avoid delaying the disease. . At the same time, pay attention to keep the remaining food, vomit, excrement and other related specimens, so that investigators can trace the source and find out the cause of the disease.
  Knowledge link:Nitrite is a kind of food additive, which can improve the color, flavor and preservative of meat as a color-protecting agent for meat products. It is safe to use in accordance with national food safety standards. Exceeding standard use has serious side effects. Ingestion of 0.3-0.5 grams can cause poisoning, and 3 grams can cause death.
  Because the appearance is very similar to table salt, it is easy to be poisoned by ingestion. In order to ensure food safety and public health, the Ministry of Health and the State Food and Drug Administration jointly issued an announcement in 2012 to prohibit catering service units from purchasing, storing, and using food additives nitrite (sodium nitrite, potassium nitrite).