Announcement of the Hebei Provincial Market Supervision Administration on Abolishing 280 Recommended Local Standards in Hebei Province
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   In accordance with the provisions of Article 29 of the Standardization Law of the People’s Republic of China and Articles 24 and 25 of the Local Standards Management Measures, we will further strengthen the review of local standards and optimize and improve our province’s local standards System, improve the overall level of local standards, and better provide technical support for the province’s economic construction and social development. According to the”Key Points of Provincial Standardization Work in 2021,” According to the requirements of “re-examination and cleaning of standards and optimizing the structure of standards”, our bureau organized and carried out the clean-up of recommended local standards in Hebei Province. The standards are too long, technically backward, content contradictions and overlapping, or existing corresponding national standards, industry standards, etc. are not suitable The recommended local standards needed for the economic and social development of our province shall be reviewed and cleaned up. On the basis of extensively soliciting the opinions of the standard proposing units and relevant parties, the opinions were publicly solicited from the public in a timely manner, and the opinions and suggestions of the relevant departments were absorbed and adopted. After the research and decision of our bureau, 280 recommended local standards of Hebei Province shall be abolished, which is hereby announced.
  Since the date of this announcement, the above-mentioned standards will no longer be used as the technical basis for organizing production and trade. All relevant units shall make timely adjustments to implement the current effective standards.
   Hebei Provincial Market Supervision Administration
  July 28, 2021