Announcement of Henan Provincial Market Supervision Administration on the Risk Prevention and Control of a Batch of Unqualified Foods (No. 66 of 2021)
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   The”Notice on the Unqualified Situation of 16 Batches of Food Inspection” (No. 29 of 2021) issued by the State Administration for Market Supervision, which involves 1 batch of unqualified food from the food business unit in our province. Now the risk of unqualified food The control notice is as follows:
   1. Basic information. In the national supervision and random inspection, Shangqiu City Suixian Liangwang Food Company (online retail) sold on Taobao (shop name:Wowo Food City), the nut lotus root noodle soup produced by Shandong Duomei Food Co., Ltd. (sample Order number:GC21000000341730163, specification:600g/can, production date:2021-03-24), the mold count does not meet the requirements of national food safety standards. The inspection agency is Hefei Customs Technology Center.
   2. Product risk prevention and control situation. Law enforcement officers of the Sui County Market Supervision Administration of Shangqiu City delivered the batch of unqualified inspection reports on April 21, 2021, and supervised and inspected the Sui County Liangwang Food Co., Ltd. No nominal Shandong Duo was found on site. The nut lotus root noodle soup produced by Mai Food Co., Ltd. (specification:600g/can, production date:2021-03-24). After investigation, the operator took the product at the Alibaba website store Shandong Baisui Farmer Food Co., Ltd. after receiving an order from a customer on Taobao on March 23, and the store directly shipped the product to the customer and purchased the product. The production date of this batch of nut lotus root noodle soup is March 24, 2021, with a specification of 600g/can and 12 cans, all of which have been sold. The operator can provide the complete order transaction record of the batch of products, the qualification certification documents of the purchasing store and the manufacturer, and the product inspection report.
   If consumers find the above batches of unqualified food or other food safety violations, please actively participate in food safety supervision and call 12315 to complain or report.
   hereby announces.
  July 30, 2021