Singapore issued a notice on the revision of food export certification
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  Food Partner Network News On July 15, 2021, the Singapore Food Authority (SFA) issued a notice on the revision of food export certification.

  1. Starting from July 31, 2021, the Singapore Food and Drug Administration will adopt the following methods for food export certification:
  a) Require exporters to check with their customers and importing countries and determine whether they need to test each batch of exported goods.
  b) If the importing country does not require testing, SFA does not require testing each batch of exported goods before issuing a health certificate.
  c) As part of the exporter’s food safety monitoring program, the exporter must regularly monitor and test its exported goods, and the applicable testing parameters and limits must meet the requirements of the importing country.
  d) Exporters who have an approved food safety management system (FSMS), if there is no rejection of exported goods (related to food safety) in the past three years of exports, they will accept the Food and Drug Administration’s Annual audits, not regular audits.
  2, the legal responsibility of the exporter (to obtain the SFA export certificate) designated qualified personnel (QP) must comply with the following regulations:
  a) Only when the importing country requires and the exported goods meet all the requirements of the food importing country, can the SFA apply for the export health certificate of the exported goods.
  b) Ensure that the packaging and labeling of exported food meet the requirements of the food exporting country.
  c) Implement an effective food safety monitoring system to ensure the safety of exported goods and meet the requirements of the importing country.
  d) Implement an effective retrospective and recall plan, and respond quickly to the feedback of the importing country’s refusal/detention of its export goods.
  e) Do not export food that is unsafe or unsuitable for human consumption.
  f) Responsible for arranging (at own expense) the collection of samples of exported goods and sending them to SFA accredited laboratories for testing according to the laboratory accreditation program (www. SG/food-information/Laboratory-Recognition-program) , If the importing country requires testing of exported goods, the testing report shall be submitted at the time of application.
  g) Ensure that the sample custody chain and the company’s sampling procedures are followed.
  h) When applying for an export certificate, provide SFA with accurate information about the exported goods.
  I) Do not change/tamper SFA’s export certificate or any forms, documents or labels.