Notice of Qinghai Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau on Prohibition of Picking and Processing Edible Wild Plants
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   It’s midsummer, and wild plants grow vigorously. Some people like to dig and buy wild plants to make wine for drinking or cooking. This kind of behavior poses a greater food safety risk. Here, the Qinghai Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau reminds the general public:Do not dig, buy, produce, process, and eat wild plants of unknown species and sources at will, and beware of food poisoning.
   When dining out, please choose a catering unit that has obtained the”Food Business License” and ask for an invoice or receipt. It is recommended to choose a catering unit with a high quantitative food safety rating or a low risk rating; when picking wild vegetables, be sure to pay attention Is there a warning sign nearby that it is forbidden to pick wild vegetables, do not pick it easily, eat wild vegetables that you don’t know, and have not eaten, to avoid poisoning by eating wild vegetables; when buying mushrooms, you should go to regular supermarkets and farmers’ markets to purchase, not at retail Shop at the vendor at will, and keep the shopping voucher.
  Qinghai Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau reminds catering service providers, especially schools, kindergartens, construction sites, government agencies, canteens of enterprises and institutions and other catering service providers, to focus on the prevention of bacterial food poisoning, and strictly implement food raw material procurement requests In the certification system, food production, processing, and storage sites must meet food safety requirements, and catering utensils and food containers directly ingested must be cleaned and disinfected.
   At the same time, it is strictly forbidden to use food, raw materials and food additives of unknown origin of spoilage and deterioration; it is strictly prohibited to purchase, store, and use nitrite; it is strictly prohibited to process and sell puffer fish and its products; and it is strictly prohibited to process and sell wild plants such as wild mushrooms. In the event of a food poisoning or suspected food poisoning incident, the catering service provider shall immediately seal up the food and its raw materials, tools and utensils, equipment and facilities that have caused or may cause food safety incidents, and report to the local market supervision department at the same time.