The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences demonstrates the implementation of the action of storing grain in technology, storing grain in the ground, and turning the seed industry into a scientific and technological action
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   On June 9th, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences organized a consultation and demonstration meeting on”Storing Grain in Technology, Storing Grain in the Ground, and Seed Industry Turning over Technology Action Plan”, inviting Zhang Zhenhua, Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Education Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and Seed Industry Xie Yan, the second-level inspector of the Department of Management, Academician Dai Jingrui of China Agricultural University, Academician Zhang Fusuo, etc. to deepen the implementation of the three scientific and technological action plans of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences:”Holding grains in technology” and”Hiding grains in the ground” strategy Conduct consultation and argumentation with the”Major Missions and Key Task List of the 14th Five-Year Plan” The Party Secretary of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Zhang Hecheng, Vice President Mei Xurong, and Academician Hu Peisong, Director of the China National Rice Research Institute attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Vice President Wang Hanzhong.
  The leading experts at the meeting expressed their full affirmation of the actions of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences to focus on the “big one of the country”, to make the decision-making and deployment tasks of the Party Central Committee, to actively strengthen the mission of the national team, and to actively deploy key core technologies. The action plan and task list provided constructive comments.
   The meeting pointed out that the preparation of”Holding Grain in Technology”,”Holding Grain in the Ground”,”Doing a Good Seed Industry Turnover” Science and Technology Action Plan and Mission List, is the in-depth implementation of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences General Secretary Jinping’s congratulatory instructions and the Party Central Committee Decision-making and deployment, based on the mission positioning of the national team, is an important measure to accelerate the improvement of my country’s independent innovation capabilities in seed and arable land. The action plan should further focus on the core objectives, clarify the technical path of various scientific and technological actions, mobilize relevant resources, strive for more scientific and technological inputs, strengthen collaborative innovation, and coordinate the layout of various scientific and technological forces from a strategic level.
  The meeting emphasized the need to deepen the evaluation reform and adhere to the evaluation orientation with quality, performance, and contribution as the core. Strengthen the transformation of achievements and form a development pattern of”three innovations in one” and integration of science and technology with enterprises. Intensify the protection of talents, and build a high-level and innovative team of seed and cultivated land scientific research talents. Accelerate the planning of scientific facilities to provide hard-core support for the implementation of the strategy of”reserving grain in technology and storing grain in the ground”. Firmly grasp the”two key points” of seed and cultivated land, continue to carry out original and leading scientific and technological research, and provide strong scientific and technological support for ensuring national food security.
   Department of Farmland Construction, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Institute of Science and Technology, Crop Science, Vegetable and Flower Institute, Animal Husbandry, Biology, and Resource Planning Institute attended the meeting.