Notice on Soliciting Opinions and Suggestions on the”Administrative Measures for the Supervision of Food Safety Credit Classification and Classification of Food Production Enterprises in Chengdu (Trial) (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)”
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All relevant units and individuals:
   In order to further improve the pattern of joint sanctions for dishonesty in food safety, increase the cost of dishonesty in food safety, improve the level of food safety risk management, and ensure food safety, our bureau has formulated the”Chengdu Food Production Enterprise Food Safety Credit Classification and Classification Supervision and Management Measures (Trial) (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)”, now open to the public for comments. If you have any comments and suggestions about enterprises and individuals, please send them to the email address:[email protected] before 17:00 on July 8, 2021.
  Chengdu Market Supervision Administration
   June 7, 2021