Notice of the Office of the Weihai Food and Drug Safety Commission on the launch of the 2021 Food Safety Awareness Week
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Districts and cities, national-level development zones, Nanhai New Area Food (Medicine) Security Office, relevant member units of the Municipal Food and Drug Security Committee:
  According to the”Notice of the Food Safety Office of the State Council and other 26 departments on the launch of the National Food Safety Promotion Week in 2021″ (Food Safety Office [2021] No. 6) and the unified deployment requirements of the Provincial Food and Drug Safety Office, our city announced in June The 2021 Food Safety Promotion Week was launched on the 19th. In order to effectively prepare for the promotion week, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:
   One. Theme of the event
   The theme of the 2021 Food Safety Awareness Week in the city is:”Advocating Thrift and Believing, Protecting Chinese Food under the Sunshine”.
   2. Promotional focus
   (1) In-depth publicity and implementation of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Plenary Sessions of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.”Frugal and trustworthy” food safety concept.
  (2) Focus on displaying the new development stage, implementing new development concepts, constructing a new development pattern, promoting the high-quality development of the food industry, and maintaining new ideas, new measures, and new results of new ideas, new measures and new results in the maintenance of food safety by relevant departments at all levels based on the new development stage.
   (3) Guide the market players in the food industry to strictly self-discipline, establish risk prevention and control awareness, improve management levels, conduct extensive education on integrity and compliance with employees, create a market environment that is law-abiding by Suntech, and promote corporate integrity and law-abiding operations.
   (4) Advocate the active participation of all sectors of society in food safety governance, strengthen popularization of science, strengthen risk communication, promote the improvement of public food safety literacy, promote the traditional virtues of diligence and thrift, establish scientific consumption concepts, and create a good food safety atmosphere.
   (5) Focusing on the review work of national food safety demonstration cities, extensively publicize the city’s work results, highlights and experience, and typical cases since its establishment, to enhance social understanding, build social consensus, and form the whole society’s attention to the creation, support of creation, and participation Created a good atmosphere of public opinion.
  3. Activity arrangement
   (1) Municipal level. The Municipal Food and Drug Safety Office and the member units of the Food and Drug Safety Committee formulated the”City Food Safety Publicity Week Key Activities and Division of Labor Plan” (see attachment), and all relevant departments and units organized activities in accordance with the requirements of the plan.
   (2) District and city level. The food (pharmaceutical) security office of each district and city will organize publicity week activities in conjunction with relevant departments and units at the same level, referring to the city-level activity plan, combining local reality and characteristics.
   (3) Social level. All localities and relevant departments should mobilize and guide various social organizations, market entities, and industry associations (academies) to widely carry out publicity activities on the theme of honesty and knowledge popularization for consumers, food practitioners and media reporters.
  4. Activity requirements
   (1) Improve ideological understanding. The”Food Safety Awareness Week” activity is used as an important starting point for publicizing and implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on food safety work, and promoting the implementation of food safety strategies, as the implementation of the”Implementation Opinions on Deepening Reform and Strengthening Food Safety Work” and driving the whole The society actively participates in food safety governance and promotes important measures to form a shared governance and sharing pattern. It is closely integrated with the national food safety model city review and publicity work to further increase the awareness rate, support rate and food safety satisfaction rate of the whole society for city creation work.
   (2) Strengthen collaboration and linkage. Establish a working mechanism in which food (pharmaceutical) security offices at all levels organize and coordinate, relevant departments take their respective responsibilities, and the whole society actively participates. The Municipal Food and Drug Safety Office and the member units of the Food and Drug Safety Committee formulated the”City Food Safety Publicity Week Key Activities and Division of Labor Plan”, and all relevant departments and units organized activities in accordance with the requirements of the plan. At the same time, strengthen the guarantee of personnel and funds to ensure the smooth progress of various activities and the formation of a large-scale momentum. Simultaneously deploy safety protection measures such as fire protection, traffic, and anti-stamping, strictly investigate, eliminate hidden dangers, implement emergency plans, and strictly prevent accidents.
   (3) Enhance the effectiveness of activities. Use the unified”National Food Safety Promotion Week” logo. Do a good job in publicity reports and news services, and effectively form a pattern of full media coverage. Pay attention to closely follow the law of communication and public concerns, actively integrate the advantages of traditional media and emerging media, and continuously enrich the ideas, methods and methods of publicity. Strengthen the monitoring of relevant public opinion during the publicity week, conduct timely research and judgment, and release it steadily to ensure a stable and orderly public opinion environment.
   (4) Serious work style. Strictly abide by the spirit of the eight central regulations and their implementation rules, practice diligence and frugality, and be simple and obedient, and strictly prohibit extravagance, ostentation, and formalism.
  (5) Timely summarize the results. All districts, cities, and relevant departments should pay attention to summarizing and reporting the effectiveness and experience of publicity week activities, and the electronic version of the summary report should be submitted to the Municipal Food and Drug Safety Office before July 2. Contact:Wang Chao, E-mail:[email protected], Tel:5191758.
  Attachment:City-wide Food Safety Promotion Week Key Activities Program
  Weihai Food and Drug Safety Commission Office
   June 18, 2021
   (this item is actively disclosed)
   Citywide Food Safety Promotion Week Key Activities Program
  1. Promotion Week Home Event
   At 9:00 am on June 19th, the home event of Weihai City and Huancui District Food Safety Promotion Week was held at Weigao Plaza. The responsible person in charge of relevant member units of the municipal and district food and drug safety committees, department heads, and enterprises Representatives and news media participated in the event. The food (medicine) security offices of all districts and cities may hold relevant activities according to the actual situation.
   2.”Transparent Factory” Experience Day Activities
  Organize consumers, media reporters, etc. to enter the food production demonstration enterprises to experience first-hand the improvement of food safety management level in the food production and processing field and the high-quality development of the food industry. (Sponsored by Food (Medicine) Security Offices at all levels)
  3. Food safety entering campus activities
   Carrying out the”Small hand in hand, big hands in food safety, social practice open class for primary and secondary school students” activities, relevant departments invite experts to the campus to carry out publicity lectures on food safety and nutrition and health for primary and secondary school students. Carrying out the activity of “checking food safety with you and me”, with the theme of “protecting food and safety in campus and helping growth”. Each county (city, district) bureau selects 3 school canteens (respectively middle school, elementary school, and kindergarten canteens), and invites Parents of students, news media reporters, representatives of local people’s congresses, members of the CPPCC and other people from all walks of life jointly carried out inspections, and made the inspection process public in a live broadcast method, fully demonstrating the effectiveness of the campus food safety protection action to the public. (Sponsored by Food (Medicine) Security Offices at all levels in conjunction with Education Bureau, Health Commission, and Market Supervision Bureau)

  4. Health Food”Five Entry” Promotion Activities
   Carry out”Five Entries” publicity activities for health food entering communities, villages, networks, campuses, and supermarkets, distributing promotional materials, broadcasting popular science videos, holding expert lectures, providing health food consulting services, and guiding consumers to the right Recognize and consume health foods rationally; the food (medicine) safety offices of cities at all levels choose at least one of the”Five Entries” as the theme to organize various publicity activities. (Sponsored by Food (Medicine) Security Offices at all levels)
   5. Food inspection agencies invite you to come
  Organize the public to visit the food inspection laboratory to show the basic procedures of food inspection; explain the responsibilities of the organization, work procedures, popular science knowledge, business results, innovative research, etc.; answer questions from visitors on the spot. Through the open day activities of food inspection agencies, popularize food safety knowledge and improve the public’s rational understanding of food safety. (Sponsored by the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and the Municipal Institute of Food and Drug Inspection and Testing)
  6.”I do practical things for the masses-you point me to check” activities
   Through the official website or WeChat public account, set up the”You Check My Check” column, and take the form of online voting, seminars, and on-site questionnaires to solicit opinions and suggestions on food safety sampling from all walks of life, and select some varieties to carry out Special random inspections, and the results of the random inspections will be announced to the public in time. At the same time, the “you send me inspection” quick inspection activities were organized and carried out in densely populated places such as rural large markets, and on-site detection of edible agricultural products sent by the masses for pesticide and veterinary drug residues. This activity lasts until the end of September. (Sponsored by Food (Medicine) Security Offices at all levels)
  7. The theme day activities of municipal departments
  (1) City Education Bureau (June 20-30)
   In-depth implementation of the 2021″Teacher and Student Health Chinese Health” theme health education activities, summarize the implementation of the”School Food Safety and Nutrition and Health Management Regulations”, and in-depth implementation of the”Campus Food Safety Guarding Action Plan (2020-2022)” , Carry out campus food safety and health education activities that include education through learning and fun.
   (2) Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology (June 20-30)
   Hold the national standard training class of”Food Industry Enterprise Integrity Management System”, publicize and interpret the relevant requirements of the standard, exchange experience, and summarize and standardize the evaluation of the integrity management system. Carry out industry safety production guidance, preach the food industry safety production situation, and interpret industry safety production standards. Carry out the “Made in Shandong, Online World” docking activity in the food industry, and explain and promote digital construction cases and experiences to food companies.
   (3) Municipal Public Security Bureau (June 20-30)
   1. Organize the public security organs of food, medicine and environmental investigation police to carry out publicity activities, adopt legal publicity and education, and explain typical cases to explain the relevant laws and regulations in the food field to the masses. At the same time, it announced to the public the rewarded telephone number and mailbox, etc., and fully mobilized the masses to actively report clues related to food violations and crimes.
  2. By organizing the police to enter the enterprise, enter the community, rush to the market, etc., train the business operators and the masses to explain the food knowledge and common sense closely related to daily life, and improve the masses’ awareness of preventing illegal and criminal acts in the food field. The administrative supervision department and the public security have increased the sources of clues in cracking down on food safety crimes.
  3. Make full use of new online media such as official accounts, WeChat, Weibo, and news headlines to guide the public to increase their understanding and attention to illegal and criminal activities such as illegal addition of food in daily life, and increase the effectiveness of public security agencies in combating illegal crimes.
  (4) City Ecological Environment Bureau (June 20-30)
   Organize party members and cadres to carry out food safety publicity week theme party day activities in the community, and carry out popular science publicity through the distribution of publicity materials, improve the environmental awareness of the whole society, and comprehensively strengthen the ecological and environmental protection work.
  (Five) Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (June 20-30)
   1. Promote into the market. Carry out on-site publicity activities for agricultural product quality and safety, organize agricultural product quality and safety supervision, agricultural and veterinary drug management, agricultural safety production, planting and breeding, and plant protection, soil and fertilizer, and other fields to carry out laws and regulations promotion, technical promotion, on-site consultation, exhibitions and other activities to further improve the entire society Awareness of agricultural product quality and safety. Vigorously publicize the key tasks of the three-year action of”Treatment of illicit drugs, control the disabled and promote improvement” to create an atmosphere of public opinion.
  2. Guiding to enter the enterprise. Organize experts in various fields to carry out a tour guide on agricultural product quality and safety knowledge, focusing on high-risk varieties such as”three vegetables”,”a chicken”, eggs, poultry, and meat beef sheep, promote green and healthy breeding methods, and strictly implement drug withdrawal periods and safety intervals Period, agricultural input product use records and edible agricultural products compliance certificates, etc., explain the knowledge of animal disease prevention and control, and enhance the company’s agricultural product quality and safety concepts.
  3. Popularize law into the countryside. In-depth rural areas to carry out food safety-related laws and regulations popularization activities, increase scientific guidance on planting and breeding technology, promote safe use of medicines, guide farmers to identify fake and inferior agricultural materials, answer various questions raised by villagers, and create a good knowledge, understanding and abiding by the law. Atmosphere.
  4. Popular science enters the Internet. Through the official website of the Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, WeChat public account, Weihai TV”Field of Hope” and other media, increase the promotion of agricultural product quality and safety science knowledge, focusing on common misunderstandings and rumors in the field of agricultural product quality and safety, and promote the scientific concept of food safety. Respond to public concerns and increase public awareness of agricultural product quality and safety related knowledge.
  (Saturday) Municipal Ocean Development Bureau (June 20-30)
   1. Strengthen the education of law popularization. Visiting production entities such as aquaculture seedlings and breeding, and distributing publicity materials such as”Aquaculture Medicine Clearance Paper 2020 No. 1, 2″ and”Agricultural Product Quality and Safety Law” to enhance the legal awareness of production entities.
  2. Strengthen media promotion. Relying on the WeChat public account”Weihai Blue Release” platform to promote aquatic product quality and safety knowledge; promote the experience and practices of key districts and cities in aquatic product quality and safety supervision, green and healthy breeding, and actively create a good atmosphere of public opinion.
  3. Strengthen technical guidance. Extensively guide the production entities in the scientific use of medicines in the process of seedling and breeding, popularize the use of the”National Veterinary Drug Comprehensive Inquiry App”, and enhance the production entities’ awareness of scientific use of medicines.
  4. Strengthen the promotion of certificate. Guide qualified production entities to implement the compliance certification system, and enhance the consciousness and initiative of production entities to issue aquatic products compliance certification.
  (7) Municipal Health Commission (June 20-30)
  1. Joint professional technical institutions, news media, etc., to carry out popular science propaganda around cold-chain food new crown virus prevention and control, food safety standards, food additive use, food-borne disease prevention and control, etc., and vigorously advocate rational diet and eliminate waste. Establish a new trend of healthy eating.
  2. Organize the”National Nutrition Plan” related science education activities to promote relevant nutrition and health science knowledge for different groups of people, and strive to improve the health literacy of residents.
  (8) City Market Supervision Administration (June 20-30)
   1. Invite media reporters and the public to enter the”Weihai Yuwang Group Marine Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.” to carry out the”Transparent Factory” experience day.
  2. Organize training courses on general food production hygiene standards to further consolidate the main responsibility of enterprises, and urge food production enterprises to implement general food hygiene standards.
  3. Organize activities such as the introduction of health food into communities and supermarkets, distribute promotional materials, provide health food consulting services, and guide consumers to correctly understand and rationally consume health food.
  4. Invite management representatives of food production, distribution, and catering companies, consumer representatives, and media representatives to enter the food inspection laboratory to show the basic procedures of food inspection, explain the responsibilities and work procedures of the organization, and answer the visit The person asked questions on the spot.
  5. Walk into the middle school in the city, provide intensive teaching for the students in the school, vigorously popularize the common sense of food safety consumption, guide the students to buy food correctly, stay away from the”three high foods”, develop good eating and consumption habits, and establish a sound A long-term mechanism for food safety supervision around campuses.
  6. Carry out”Send knowledge, send technology, send safety” catering safety promotion activities, carry out food safety knowledge training in the catering link to the group meal distribution unit, guide food safety management at the processing site, and increase the supervision of food safety management personnel and Strengthen the training of employees, improve their professional quality, and implement the main responsibility of the company’s food safety.
  7. To Yangting Daji to carry out the”you send me for inspection” quick inspection service activities, on-site free inspection of edible agricultural products sent by the masses of pesticide and veterinary drug residues.
   8. Carry out the”Food Safety Knowledge Lecture Hall into the Community” activity to explain food safety knowledge at the Lotte community site to further improve the residents’ food safety awareness and self-protection ability.
  (9) City Forestry Bureau (June 20-30)
   Hold an edible forest product quality and safety promotion week, focusing on food safety laws and regulations, production technology, production standards, and input use. Propaganda is carried out in various forms such as exhibitions, on-site explanations, and question and answer with prizes, and the promotion on websites, newspapers, WeChat public accounts and other media is strengthened.
   (10) Weihai Customs, Rongcheng Customs (June 20-30)

Carry out the”Food Safety Port Tour” activities, strengthen the awareness of the main responsibility of port food producers and operators, carry out port food safety knowledge publicity, publicize imported food safety laws and regulations to import and export enterprises, and publicize imported food safety knowledge to consumers; at the same time carry out”Strictly prevent the new crown pneumonia epidemic through imported cold chain food import risks” related publicity; continue to promote the”Imported Food’Guardian Guard’ Action” publicity.