Announcement on the inspection of the production quality management system of health food production enterprises in Jiangxi Province
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  According to the Jiangxi Provincial Special Food Supervision and Inspection Work Plan, the Jiangxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration organized a systematic inspection of the implementation of the production quality management system of 12 health food manufacturers in our province from November to December 2020. The inspection content Including the company’s organization and personnel, plant layout, facilities and equipment, raw and auxiliary material management, production management, quality management, warehouse management, inspection management, etc., according to the actual situation of the company’s variety and production process, each company has a total of 118 inspection items.
  Inspection results show that companies with defective items accounting for less than 5%of all inspection items include Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Nanchang Dali Food Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Cyclamen Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and Jiangxi Jiminke 4 companies including Xin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.; companies with defects accounting for 5-10%of all inspection items include Jiangxi Wang’s Bee Garden Co., Ltd., Xinxi Biological Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Bocheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Jiangxi’an Shun 7 companies including Tang Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Kangbao Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Guangenhe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Nanchang Caohuashan Biotechnology Co., Ltd.; Jiangxi Yibainian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. accounted for all defects The proportion of inspection items is 12.7%.
  A total of 94 defects were found in the inspection. The main problems were the inadequate construction of the quality management system, the risk of the production environment around the plant, the inadequate maintenance of plant facilities and equipment, and the lack of regular verification of some instrumentation monitoring facilities. The contents of the status identification of materials and equipment containers are incomplete, the production and inspection records are not standardized and incomplete, the supplier audit system is not standardized enough, the warehouse management is not strict enough, and the sellers are not regularly evaluated for their sales behavior. The defects found above will be promptly transferred to the market supervision department where the company is located for follow-up inspection after the inspection is completed, supervise the rectification within a time limit, and organize the acceptance confirmation. At present, all companies have completed the rectification and acceptance.
   Jiangxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration
   June 10, 2021