Announcement of the Beijing Municipal Administration of Market Supervision on Sampling Information on Food Safety Supervision in 2021
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  According to the”Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” and other laws and regulations, as well as the city’s food safety supervision sampling plan and corresponding sampling inspection rules, our bureau organized sampling inspections of 119 batches of zongzi samples. According to the national food safety standards and relevant national regulations, the inspection and judgment, including 118 batches of qualified samples and 1 batch of unqualified samples (see the attachment for sampling information).
   One. Overall situation
There are 119 batches of    Zongzi, including 118 batches of qualified samples and 1 batch of unqualified samples.
  二. Circumstances of unqualified samples
  1. Nominal Green Sea Foods (Gu’an) Co., Ltd. commissioned the production of Gaobeidian Branch of Beijing Green Sea Foods Co., Ltd., and the sweet and red date zongzi operated by Beijing Yuntong Huarui Technology Co., Ltd. Chaoyang Kehui Road Branch. The total number of colonies and coliforms do not meet the stated standards of the product. The inspection agency is the Beijing Food Safety Monitoring and Risk Assessment Center (Beijing Food Inspection Institute).
   3. In response to unqualified foods found in food safety supervision and random inspections, the relevant food producers and operators have taken measures to control risks in accordance with the law. Our bureau has requested the local market supervision departments to investigate and deal with them in accordance with the law, and those involving other provinces and cities have been notified to the local Market supervision department.
   hereby announces.
   Beijing Municipal Market Supervision Administration
   June 10, 2021