1517.4 pounds! New varieties of high-quality strong gluten wheat from Henan Agricultural University have a good harvest
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   On June 7th, at the Xiping Teaching and Research Practice Base of Henan Agricultural University in Zhangyao Village, Erlang Township, Xiping County, Zhumadian City, the waves of wheat billowed, shining brightly, and there was a harvest scene.”Yunong 908″, a high-quality strong gluten wheat variety newly cultivated by the research team of researcher Yin Guihong from the College of Agriculture of Henan Agricultural University, is currently undergoing acceptance inspection. Amid the roar of the harvesting machinery, slices of wheat were”collected” into the machine, and soon turned into golden grains and packed into the bag.
  The inspection and acceptance of the actual delivery was made by the member of the wheat expert steering group of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Professor Li Ruiqi, the dean of the Agricultural College of Hebei Agricultural University, the researcher Gao Chunbao, the deputy director of the Food Crops Research Institute of the Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and the wheat expert steering group of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Consultant, Professor Guo Tiancai of Henan Agricultural University, Researcher Yi Yulin, Head of Henan Agricultural Technology Station, Senior Agronomist, Teng Kaiqiong, Deputy Head of Henan Seed Station, Researcher Wu Changcheng, Head of Zhumadian Seed Service Station, Xie Yaoli, Xiping County Agriculture and Rural Bureau Researchers and other experts organized on-site production testing and spoke highly of the performance of the new project variety”Yunong 908″.
  Relevant persons in charge and experts from the School Social Service Office, Agricultural College, Zhumadian Seed Service Station, Xiping County Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Henan Baojing Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. and other units attended the acceptance meeting.
  ” The results of the actual inspection and acceptance are as follows:randomly selected 3 actual inspection and acceptance points, and after harvesting with a combine harvester, the actual harvest areas are 1.001 mu, 1.002 mu, and 1.004 mu respectively, and the fresh weight on site is 2366.85 kg, 13%The actual average yield per 100 mu of water content is 758.7 kg.” Professor Li Ruiqi, the leader of the acceptance expert group, announced the good news of the harvest. The new wheat variety”Yunong 908″ was applauded at the production test meeting.
  ” General Secretary Xi Jinping said that the seed industry is the chip of agriculture. We Henan wheat has a special important position. The level of wheat breeding in Henan Province is very high. The development of the seed industry is relatively sound. Our varieties, seeds and technical reserves The equipment has met the needs of current agricultural development. There is still a large room for improvement in the promotion of technology. If we can further improve the excellent scientific research results and technology transformation and promotion rate represented by’Yunong 908′, we There will be a broader space for the development of Henan wheat industry.” Professor Li Ruiqi put forward his own opinions on the promotion of high-quality wheat varieties.
  ”‘Yunong 908’ is a variety with high yield, stable yield, cold resistance, disease resistance, lodging resistance, resistance to dry and hot wind, wide adaptability, high-quality strong gluten and other excellent characteristics, suitable for processing high-quality bread, high-quality noodles, dumpling flour , Instant noodles and other foods or blended flour, the promotion prospects are very broad. In the next step, we will carry out good varieties and good methods around this variety, and cooperate with grain enterprises and processing enterprises to adopt the mode of order to further increase farmers’ income.” New wheat variety”Yunong” 908″ Breeder Yin Guihong, a researcher, introduced his own scientific research, which is a treasure.
  ” In this year’s central and southern Henan area suffered from yellow mosaic disease, low temperature, lodging, dry hot wind and other unfavorable weather conditions,’Yunong 908′ showed outstanding advantages such as high yield, lodging resistance, disease resistance, and dry-hot wind resistance. Welcomed by expert leaders and farmers. Henan Agricultural University, through close cooperation with agricultural departments, grain departments, seed companies, food companies, and agricultural cooperatives, provides excellent seed and good methods, and leads research and demonstrations to accelerate the promotion and application of this variety and contribute to national food security. And make positive contributions to the revitalization of the countryside.” Professor He Dexian, Director of the Social Service Department of Henan Agricultural University, introduced the school’s work on the cultivation and promotion of new varieties of fine crops.
   It is reported that the new high-quality strong gluten wheat variety Yunong 908 is the outstanding problem of the high-quality strong gluten variety in Henan Province and even the Huanghuai wheat area that is not high-yielding, not tolerant, and not cold-resistant. Supported by the Provincial Central Plains Science and Technology Innovation Leading Talents Program and Henan Agricultural University’s top talent work special support, the parent combination is DH (Xinmai 26/Zhoumai 23), comprehensively using conventional breeding + double haploid sports species (DH) + molecular markers Auxiliary breeding (MAS) + disease resistance inoculation and stress resistance identification + in-situ 4 generations a year + quality parallel determination and screening and other advanced technologies, directional selection for mid-winter early maturity, high yield, stable yield, multi-resistant and wide-adaptive The new high-quality strong gluten wheat variety has just passed the approval of Henan Province in 2021, and will soon pass the national approval. It is suitable for early and mid-stubble planting in high and middle-yield water and fertilizer fields in the southern Huanghuai area. The outstanding advantages are dwarf stalks and big ears, high and stable yield, lodging and cold resistance, multiple resistance and broad adaptability, high quality and high efficiency. Participating in Henan Province’s high-quality strong gluten group regional test and production test for two consecutive years won the first place in three groups. The promotion prospects are very good. broad.
   In the past five years, the College of Agriculture of Henan Agricultural University has successively established new wheat varieties and new technology demonstration research bases in 15 counties and cities in different ecological types of areas such as Nanyang Fangcheng, Anyang Huaxian, Luohe Wuyang, Zhoukou Shangshui, etc. A large number of high-quality, high-yield, broad-adapted wheat varieties and supporting cultivation techniques have been developed. Among them, 2 nationally approved and 13 provincially approved wheat varieties independently selected and bred have become the main varieties of Huanghuaihai wheat area. Throughout the whole process of wheat growth, Henan Agricultural University has nearly a hundred experts, professors and thousands of students fighting on the front line of wheat production, contributing the strength and wisdom of the University of Agriculture to ensure national food security and increase farmers’ income.