Industrial poverty alleviation helps rural revitalization Qianyang County and Shaanxi Zhengda held talks on dairy goat project
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   On May 13, Qianyang County Magistrate Zhang Xinke and Deputy County Magistrate He Hongjun came to Shaanxi Zhengda Co., Ltd. to discuss cooperation on the Qianyang Dairy Goat Project. Lei Jimin, Chairman of Shaanxi Zhengda Co., Ltd., Shen Hongjun, Assistant Vice President of Shaanxi District of Zhengda Group’s agricultural and animal husbandry food company, and other relevant department heads attended the meeting.
   During the negotiation, Zhang Xinke, the mayor of Qianyang County, introduced the current status of the local dairy goat breeding project. The breeding method is mainly based on the farming method, lacking a complete industrial chain support, and there is no specific standard formulation during the breeding process. To some extent, the problem of high-quality goat milk has affected the production of high-quality goat milk. It is hoped that Qianyang milk goat will become a local business card in Phnom Penh for the whole country and the world.
   Chairman Lei Jimin welcomed the arrival of Qianyang County Mayor Zhang Xinke and his entourage. He gave a comprehensive introduction to the whole industry chain project of Chia Tai Dairy Goats. Aiming at the situation of Qianyang Dairy Goat breeding, the “Government + Government+” pioneered by Chia Tai Group The four-in-one model of”Enterprise + Bank + Farmer Cooperative Organization” has been upgraded, and a set of suitable cooperation models have been developed to help rural revitalization through industrial poverty reduction.
   Zhengda Dairy Goat Full Industrial Chain Project, mainly to build standardized sheep sheds, dairy processing, feed processing, organic fertilizer processing, breeding research center, etc., will build a modern sheep shed of 106,000 square meters within the year and introduce 2500 imported dairy goats. After the project is completed, the number of dairy goats in Qianyang County will reach 50,000, and an entire industrial chain integrating production, supply, marketing and research will be formed.