Zhenjiang holds a full (expanded) meeting of the Food Safety Committee
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   On April 15, the (enlarged) meeting of the Zhenjiang Food Safety Committee was held to inform the city’s food safety work and deploy key tasks. The meeting read out the instructions of the municipal party committee secretary Ma Minglong and the mayor Xu Shuhai on strengthening food safety work.
  Ma Minglong pointed out in the instructions that food safety is a major livelihood project and a popular support project, and it is the inescapable responsibility of party committees and governments at all levels. In 2020, the whole city will continue to deepen reforms and strengthen supervision with both hands and promotion. Food safety responsibilities will continue to be consolidated, supervision will continue to be strengthened, the establishment will be more in-depth, the results will be significantly improved, and the overall food safety situation will remain stable and positive. He emphasized that in 2021, the city’s party committees and governments at all levels must thoroughly implement the”four strictest” requirements, implement food safety strategies, adhere to strict source control, strict process management, and strict risk control, and promote the modernization of the city’s food safety governance system and governance capabilities. ; It is necessary to comprehensively strengthen food safety publicity, coordinate all forces to attach importance to supporting food safety work, enhance the people’s sense of gain, happiness and security, and realize the”three highs and one struggle” for Zhenjiang, and promote”Zhenjiang is very promising” and accelerate its progress. Reality, build a strong line of food safety defense.
   Xu Shuhai pointed out in the instructions that in 2020, the city’s food safety front will strictly control food safety risks and successfully complete the various goals and tasks assigned by the provincial government. This year, all localities and departments must always adhere to the people-centered approach and compact food. The safety party committee’s government leadership responsibilities, departmental supervision responsibilities, and corporate entity responsibilities, strictly guard the source, process strict management, strict risk control, severe punishment for violations, and strict investigations throughout the entire food safety supervision process, resolutely guarding”safety on the tip of the tongue.”
   At the meeting, Du Xiuqin, director of the Municipal Food Safety Office and director of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, notified the city’s food safety work in 2020 and made suggestions for work in 2021. Last year, the food safety committees and member units at all levels in the city deepened prevention and control at the source, strengthened the whole-process supervision, implemented the main responsibility, and made every effort to promote food safety work to strive for the advanced position. The safety situation of the city remained stable and improved. In 2021, our city will keep a close eye on key links and strictly control important gates such as the source of food safety, production and operation, and import and export safety; consolidate the basic-level foundation for the construction of food safety offices, random inspections and monitoring, and smart supervision to improve the level of food safety assurance ; Promote the top ten special rectification actions for food safety, increase law enforcement and case handling, promote”double security and double innovation”, and strive to improve the effectiveness of food safety work; deepen social governance and actively create a good atmosphere for public participation; enhance the sense of responsibility and tighten pressure Three-party responsibility for local management, departmental supervision, and corporate entities.
   Deputy Mayor Pan Zaoyun attended the meeting and gave a speech. Mayor Pan fully affirmed the effectiveness of the city’s food safety work during the”13th Five-Year Plan” period, analyzed the key points, difficulties, and obstacles of the current food safety work, and asked all localities and departments to further enhance their sense of mission, responsibility and initiative in food safety work; Persist in focusing on weak links and continuously improve the level of food safety governance; intensify the implementation of responsibilities and continue to enhance the joint force of food safety work.
   Before the meeting, Pan Zaoyun led a team to Jiangsu Zhongchuang Health Industry Development Co., Ltd. (Headquarters of Jiudingxuan Group) and the Food Inspection Center of the Jingkou District Market Supervision Bureau to conduct field investigations on food safety.