Zhenjiang City Market Supervision Bureau launches local special food legislation protection exchange work
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   Recently, Hu Jiehao, deputy director of the Jinhua Market Supervision Bureau, led an expert group to Zhenjiang City to investigate and study on the legislation and protection of local characteristic foods. The Food Production Division of the Zhenjiang Market Supervision Bureau takes the lead, and joins the Laws and Regulations Division, the Intellectual Property Protection Division, the Intellectual Property Promotion Division, and the Zhenjiang Vinegar Industry Association to address the development history of Zhenjiang aromatic vinegar, specific measures for inheritance and protection, and the”Regulations on the Protection of Zhenjiang Fragrant Vinegar” The formulation process and the scope of application of the regulations were introduced in detail.
  At the exchange meeting, the two parties reached a consensus that the protection of local characteristic food is related to industrial development, cultural heritage, and food safety. It is the demand of the market and the expectation of the masses. As a market supervision department, we must improve our political position, deepen our ideological understanding, and do our best to protect and supervise local specialty foods.
   In the next step, the Zhenjiang City Market Supervision Department will further implement the decision and deployment of the municipal party committee and the municipal government to strengthen the city by industry, promote the city’s characteristic classic industrial vinegar enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and practice the”supervision in service” Scientific supervision concept, adhere to the two-handed supervision and service, help Zhenjiang vinegar enterprises to prevent food safety risks, focus on improving product quality, and continue to enhance the influence and competitiveness of Zhenjiang’s aromatic vinegar brand.