Zhejiang holds a video and telephone conference on food and drug safety work in the province in 2021
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   On the morning of April 10th, Zhejiang held a video and telephone conference on food and drug safety work in the province. Chen Yijun, Deputy Governor of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government and Deputy Director of Provincial Food and Drug Safety Commission, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Chen Guangsheng, Deputy Secretary-General of the Provincial Government, presided over the meeting. Zhang Genming, director of the Provincial Food and Drug Safety Office and director of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, announced the main points of the province’s food and drug safety work in 2021. Xu Runlong, deputy director of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau and director of the Provincial Drug Administration, and Lu Yongfu, deputy director of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, attended the meeting.
  Chen Yijun fully affirmed the positive contributions made by the food and drug safety front in our province in 2020. This year, our province’s food and drug safety work resolutely implemented the spirit of the”four most stringent” important instructions, closely focused on the”five guarantees” work objectives, and coordinated the implementation of responsibilities, system construction and capacity enhancement. All the assessments were A-level and ranked among the best, and the overall situation is stable and improving.
  Chen Yijun pointed out that it is necessary to further understand the complex situation facing food and drug safety work, always adhere to the people-centered development concept, continuously optimize and improve the food and drug safety governance system, and accelerate the modernization of the provincial governance of food and drug safety. Keep the bottom line firmly, promote food and drug safety work to continue to be at the forefront of the country, make due contributions to the”important window” and the construction of the advanced province of socialist modernization, and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party with outstanding achievements.
  Chen Yijun emphasized that all localities and departments must conscientiously implement the key tasks of food and drug safety in 2021. First, they must make every effort to promote digital reform. Under the background of the province’s digital reform, we will accelerate the creation of a digital platform focusing on the”three chains and one code” (Zhe Food Chain, Zhejiang Cold Chain, Zhejiang Miao Chain, and Zhejiang Agricultural Code), and promote the realization of digital in the field of food and drug safety. Chiji. Second, we must adhere to fully closed-loop risk management and control. Adhere to the bottom-line thinking,”zero tolerance” for risks, strengthen monitoring and early warning, improve disposal capabilities, and always tighten the”safety valve” for risk prevention and control by improving the closed-loop mechanism. Third, we must strengthen the safety supervision of the whole process. Adhere to both”production” and”management”, open up the whole process of supervision link from farmland (workshop) to table, laboratory to hospital, and ensure the safety of people’s”vegetable basket” and”medicine jar”. Food starts from the place of production, focuses on key links and key areas, and weaves a dense supervision network to ensure safety in the entire process and in all areas. The drugs highlight key points and implement full coverage inspections on key units and products. Fourth, we must consolidate the foundation for high-level safety. With the increasing demands of the people on food and drug safety, it is necessary to continue to work hard to establish a more rigorous standard system, a higher-end industrial system, and a stricter law enforcement system. We will continue to increase the exposure of typical cases, severely crack down on cases that challenge the bottom line of morality and conscience, form a powerful deterrent effect, and continuously improve the overall level of food and drug safety. Fifth, we must accelerate the improvement of the pluralistic co-governance system. It is necessary to strengthen the responsibility of the party and government, implement the main responsibilities, promote the sharing of governance, and accelerate the construction of a diversified governance system that combines government leadership, corporate entities, industry self-discipline, consumer and news media supervision, and forms clear responsibilities, strong supervision, and efficient coordination The pattern of social co-governance.
   Zhang Genming notified the main points of the province’s food and drug safety work in 2021, including 30 specific tasks in 8 areas:
   Deepen joint prevention and control, strictly control every line of defense for epidemic prevention and control, strictly manage imported cold chain food, strengthen the quality supervision of epidemic prevention and control medicine products, and strengthen the three tasks of epidemic prevention and control service guarantee;
  Promote digital empowerment, build a full traceable supervision chain, build and apply the”Zhejiang Food Chain”, improve the quality and safety traceability system of agricultural products, and improve the three tasks of the drug safety traceability system;
   Three tasks of improving closed-loop management and control, improving food and drug risk management, strengthening random inspections and risk monitoring, improving risk closed-loop management and control mechanisms, and improving risk emergency management mechanisms;
   Strict law enforcement and supervision, maintain a continuous high-pressure and deterrent situation, strictly control the source of agricultural products, strictly control the source of drugs, strictly supervise the production and operation of food, strictly supervise the production and operation of high-risk drugs, carry out special rectification actions on food and drug safety, and strengthen food and drug safety Crack down on crimes, improve the connection mechanism of executions, and improve the eight tasks of the credit supervision mechanism;
  The five tasks of optimizing the business environment, promoting the high-quality development of the industry, creating a convenient access environment, strengthening the leadership of brand building, promoting the quality of real estate food, promoting the standardization of food business, and building a pharmaceutical innovation highland;
  The three tasks of strengthening capacity building, optimizing scientific and technological support for food and drug safety, establishing the most rigorous standards, strengthening the construction of inspection and monitoring systems, and strengthening professional supervision and law enforcement capabilities;
  Gather social forces, innovate the work pattern of diversified co-governance, highlight the demonstration and leadership of”double security and double innovation”, expand the depth and breadth of publicity and education, and promote the three tasks of improving the quality and coverage of liability insurance;
   Deepen the implementation of responsibilities, ensure the implementation of various tasks, promote the effective implementation of the party and the government, and promote the effective implementation of the two tasks of the main responsibility.
  The meeting announced the naming documents of the provincial food safety city and the results of the evaluation and assessment of the province’s food and drug safety work in 2020. 11 cities including Hangzhou were named”Zhejiang Food Safety Cities”; Taizhou, Ningbo, Hangzhou, and Wenzhou government evaluation results were excellent; Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, Provincial Drug Administration, Provincial Public Security Department, Provincial Health Commission, Provincial Food and Materials Bureau, Provincial Department of Finance, Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Provincial Committee of Political and Legal Affairs, Provincial Department of Education, Provincial Department of Economic and Information Technology, Ningbo Customs, Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Hangzhou Customs, Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau The evaluation result is excellent.
  The meeting was held in the form of video. The heads and liaisons of member units of the Provincial Food and Drug Safety Commission attended the meeting at the main venue, and the responsible persons in charge of the governments of various cities and counties (cities, districts) and related units attended the meeting at the branch venues.