Zhanjiang Customs uncovered a 400 million yuan frozen product smuggling case and knocked down 4 frozen product smuggling gangs
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Recently, the Anti-Smuggling Bureau of Zhanjiang Customs organized and carried out the”Zhanlan 2021-4″ special operation to combat the smuggling of frozen products, and implemented unified network collection operations in Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Foshan, Dongguan, Huizhou, Maoming and other places, and successfully eliminated 4 smuggled frozen products. The gang seized about 150 tons of high-value frozen products such as beef, steak and lamb chops, frozen 17.23 million yuan of funds involved, destroyed 3 suspected smuggling cold storages, 1 frozen product transfer point, and seized 2 large transport vehicles .

   After investigation, the professional smuggling group headed by Zhang and Huang ordered frozen products such as beef and steak from overseas suppliers. After the goods were shipped to Hong Kong, they were handed over to the professional transportation group headed by Liu and Yan.”Dafei” smuggled frozen products into the country and transported them to Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan and other places for storage and sales for profit. According to preliminary statistics, the gang in the case has been suspected of smuggling about 8,000 tons of frozen products since 2018, with a case value of about 400 million yuan. Currently, the case is under further investigation.
   It is reported that on May 26, 2020, the Anti-smuggling Bureau of Zhanjiang Customs detected a case of smuggling frozen products with a value of 234 million yuan. Six suspects were arrested and seven were transferred for prosecution. During the investigation and handling of the case, the investigators found a vague clue that pointed to a new smuggling gang of frozen products. In this regard, the investigators followed the line, digging deeply, investigating the context of smuggling, extensively collecting criminal evidence, thoroughly understanding the organization structure, personnel identity, smuggling chain and operation mode of the smuggling gang, and once again realized the “overseas smuggling of frozen products”. The whole chain attack of ordering-smuggling by sea-unloading at non-customs clearance-land transportation-warehousing and sales” is another typical case of deep digging behind the scenes, rolling attack, and disconnecting the chain.
   It is understood that the operation is based on the deployment requirements of the Party Committee of the General Administration of Customs and the Party Committee of the Ministry of Public Security. The Anti-smuggling Bureau of the General Administration of Customs has unified arrangements. The third anti-smuggling war zone of the General Administration of Customs has launched the theater operation mode. The unit cooperated and interacted with the anti-smuggling bureaus of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Gongbei and Huangpu Customs, and received strong support from the public security agencies in Zhanjiang and Maoming.