Yili builds an intelligent whole industry chain to help China’s dairy industry”health + wisdom” development
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  How to further promote the high-quality development of China’s dairy industry? Yili is giving the answer:to create a”smart dairy industry.”

   promotes the deep integration of digital intelligence and the entire dairy industry chain, assists the transformation and upgrading of the dairy industry, creates healthy and high-quality Chinese milk, and better meets consumer needs-this It is a new path for the high-quality development of China’s dairy industry that Yili, the leader in the dairy industry, is exploring.

   On March 25, the 8th meeting of the 6th Council of China Dairy Industry Association and the 2021 China Dairy Industry Economic Operation Conference was held in Nanjing. Liu Gang, vice president of Yili Group, shared Yili’s”Smart Dairy Industry” construction experience at the meeting. At this meeting, Yili’s product Golden Collar won the “Quality Gold Award”, the highest award in the “2020 Mainstream Brand Infant Formula Milk Powder Quality Competition”. This product is one of the important achievements of Yili’s “Smart Dairy Industry” construction.

  ”Smart Dairy” runs through the industry chain

   This year’s”Government Work Report” of the State Council, the National”14th Five-Year Plan” and the 2035 Vision Goal Outline all propose to promote the digital transformation of the industry. In fact, Yili started the construction of digital intelligence very early, applied digital intelligence technology to all links of the entire industry chain, promoted the construction of”smart dairy industry”, and broke digital islands through data sharing, standard unification, and platform construction. The entire industrial chain from production to consumer terminals has truly realized industrial digitization and intelligence.

  Build a smart pasture to ensure the quality of milk source strong>

  The pasture located in the upper reaches of the industrial chain is the”first workshop” for dairy production. Yili builds a green and intelligent pasture and escorts the quality of milk sources through digital and intelligent technology.

  In Yili Green Smart Ranch, the intelligent system comprehensively analyzes the health, exercise, diet, milk production and other data of each cow, and provides targeted and precise feeding Formula to ensure the dietary nutrition of dairy cows. At the same time, the ranch has introduced video surveillance artificial intelligence recognition technology, using a complete set of artificial intelligence image recognition, joint recognition, and result data visualization. AI algorithms are used to monitor and analyze the various production processes of the ranch in real time to ensure that every link is integrated. In compliance with regulations, every drop of milk produced is of the best quality.

  Build a smart factory and optimize production management

   The high-quality raw milk from the Green Smart Ranch was sent to the Yili Smart Factory under the full monitoring of the smart system. In an Yili smart factory in Hohhot, five workers in the central control room can manage hundreds of equipment on 18 production lines and more than 8,000 meters of pipelines through the computer in front of them.

   This smart factory produces 1,200 tons and 6 million packages per day with the assistance of various robots such as box packing robots, palletizing robots, winding robots, etc. Calculated according to the daily milk consumption of 300 ml recommended by the National Health Commission, it can meet the daily milk drinking needs of 4 million people.

   At the same time, through data mining and analysis of the entire process from R&D, cost control, quality assurance to product circulation, the intelligent system keenly captures food safety risks in the manufacturing process , To make the food safety chain visible and digitizable, and to produce high-quality products for consumers more efficiently.

  Accurate insight into consumer demand and upgrade consumer experience

  Yili makes full use of digital intelligent technology to gain in-depth insights into consumers’ diversified and personalized health needs. For example, smart wearable devices can effectively identify human nutritional needs. Accurately match products and provide targeted nutritional supplements. When the smart device detects that the consumer has high exercise intensity and high energy consumption, the system will recommend drinking pure milk, which provides high-quality milk protein and well-absorbed calcium, and strengthens bones.

   The gold-collar winner of the”Quality Gold Award” this time is the result of Yili’s digital and intelligent innovation. Yili has been deeply involved in breast milk research in China for 19 years. With the support of tens of millions of breast milk nutrition data, with the help of digital intelligence and other technologies, it has carried out research on the lipids, carbohydrates and their derivatives, nucleotides, and microorganisms in breast milk. In-depth research, five core formula patents have been obtained, and these patented inventions have been successfully applied to the Golden Collar Crown series of products.

  Through digital and intelligent technology, Yili is better able to gather high-quality global resources and provide consumers with more diversified and higher-quality products and services. The high-quality development of China’s dairy industry has explored a new path to help the transformation and upgrading of China’s dairy industry.