Xuancheng City Market Supervision Bureau’s”Four Persistences” steadily carry out special inspections on school food safety in the spring semester
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   In order to strictly prevent and control school campus food safety risks in the spring semester, strengthen the coordination of normalized epidemic prevention and control work and school food safety supervision work in the spring semester, and further ensure the food safety of teachers and students, the City Market Supervision Bureau has carefully arranged Deployment, starting from March 1st, the special inspection of food safety in the school canteen and surrounding campus in the spring of 2021 will be officially launched.
   Adhere to problem-oriented, comprehensive self-examination and self-correction. Supervise all kinds of schools to fully implement the main responsibility of food safety. A total of 523 schools in the city have carried out weekly food safety self-inspection and system self-inspection of canteens. Starting from the improvement and improvement of the school food safety responsibility system, the hidden dangers of food safety are timely investigated. Take safety precautions and handling.
   Insist on inspections and implement supervision duties. Market supervision departments at all levels comprehensively reviewed the basic conditions of schools in their jurisdictions. The city dispatched 3,311 law enforcement personnel to inspect 523 school canteens in the city, 735 food business units around campuses, and randomly inspected 45 batches of food. During the inspection, strictly check whether the food traceability system construction, food sample retention, and tableware cleaning and disinfection systems are in place; whether the school food safety facilities and equipment are in normal use, etc.
   Adhere to administrative guidance to enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement. In response to the problems discovered during the inspection, the market supervision department issued 76 opinions ordering corrections, interviewed 21 schools, and filed one administrative penalty case. In accordance with the requirements of the”Anhui Province Catering Quality and Safety Improvement Action Training Year”, 694 food safety management personnel of various schools were organized on the spot to conduct assessments to further strengthen the food safety responsibility awareness of the food safety directors and administrators.
   Persist in real changes and supervise the rectification in place. Check the overall situation as if the food safety management of school cafeterias in the city is generally improving. At present, in response to the problems found in this special operation, further”look back” inspections are being carried out, and the school is urged to implement immediate rectification. At the same time, establish and improve a long-term mechanism for campus food safety management. In conjunction with the Municipal Education and Sports Bureau, the Municipal Health and Health Commission, a joint inspection team was formed to carry out special inspections on the food safety of schools in the city. To ensure”full coverage of problem rectification and no rebound of rectification problems”.