Xu Yan:Ecological fermentation, intelligent manufacturing, flavor perception, depicting the development direction of liquor technology
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   On April 9th, Xu Yan, vice president and doctoral supervisor of Jiangnan University, attended the 2021 China International Wine Industry Development Forum, sharing insights on the future development direction of Chinese liquor technology, using”eco-fermentation”,”intelligent manufacturing” and” The three key words”flavor perception” outline the future direction of China’s liquor technology development.
  Ecological fermentation
   In the past ten years, these three aspects, especially microbiology, as a new technology for studying microbes in complex systems, have been repeatedly evaluated by journals including Nature and Science as a solution to humans in the post-genome era. The cutting-edge technology of a healthy environment and a very important issue in the field of industrial biotechnology. Therefore, liquor microbiome has played a key role in promoting the development of the entire industry in the past ten years. In the traditional brewing process, the types of microorganisms can reach four to five hundred, and there are thousands of metabolites. After the establishment of microbiology technology, microbiology research moves towards microbiome engineering, which means that a design of engineering principles should be carried out purposefully and objectively. The open natural fermentation method of liquor should be guided by ecological fermentation technology to establish the technology of liquor microbiome engineering, which can make the goal of controlling the liquor brewing process become a reality.
  Smart Manufacturing
  In terms of engineering laws, the current production method is mainly based on the accumulation of traditional experience in craftsmanship. The process engineering behind the solid-state fermentation still has a lot of room for optimization. At present, most of the leading enterprises are in the process of transforming from mechanization to intelligent production mode. However, due to the complexity of the solid-state fermentation system and the understanding of engineering laws, the transition from traditional brewing to intelligent manufacturing is an intelligent process of a complex system, including the overall construction of people, information systems, and physical systems. With artificial intelligence assisting people’s judgment and learning, cloud technology, supercomputer technology solves the processing of a large amount of information and its relationship, and finally realizes the upgrade and transformation of the actual production process through sensing and mechanized process control methods.
  flavor perception
  The science of flavor perception is currently the most cutting-edge technology in food science. The science of flavor perception is to analyze the influence mechanism of human emotion and health in the process of food consumption through the study of the effect of flavor components on the human sensory system to form the brain recognition process. The science of perception will focus on the interaction with the substance and the human body, as well as the more scientific recognition of the quality characteristics of the product’s flavor, as well as the consumer’s personalized consumption preferences, and the relationship between flavor and human health. Direct regulation of flavor quality. Based on the in-depth study of Chinese liquor flavor perception science, through the in-depth integration of liquor flavor chemistry, sensory perception and data science, in the future we will be able to achieve a scientific and rational design of liquor product styles for specific populations, specific scenarios, and specific market needs, and more Targeted to meet the needs of the consumer market
   In short, as a traditional superior flavored food in my country, facing the future, it will enhance the confidence of liquor technology and explore the mystery of liquor. Liquor technology innovation should be driven by the goal of human flavor perception and health; driven by the duality of”ecological brewing” and”intelligent brewing”; through the transformation of flavor chemistry to”flavor perception” under the guidance of flavor, and colony microorganisms under the guidance of ecological fermentation Three transformations from mechanization to intelligent manufacturing under the direction of microbiome engineering and advanced manufacturing. To achieve the combination of”flavor and health dual guidance”,”cultural technology dual peaks”,”inheritance and innovation combined”,”domestic and foreign dual circulation” combined, will eventually achieve high-quality development of the industry.