Xinyu Fairy Lake District Calls Food Safety Work Conference
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   Recently, the Fairy Lake District of Xinyu held the 2021 Food Safety Work Conference and Commendation Conference to summarize and review the food safety work in the district in 2020, and arrange and deploy the food safety work in 2021 , Commended advanced units and individuals in food safety work in 2020 and outstanding village-level food safety information officers, and issued a letter of appointment to 2021 village-level food safety information officers.

  The meeting put forward new requirements for furthering the establishment of food safety and food safety demonstration cities:

   One is to raise awareness, effectively enhance the sense of urgency to do a good job in food safety, and deeply understand General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important expositions and instructions on food safety work, and profoundly Understand the current severe situation of cold chain food epidemic prevention and control, and deeply grasp the main contradictions facing food safety in the new era.

   The second is to highlight the key points, continue to build a national food safety demonstration city, and highlight the”three in place”, that is, the organization and leadership must be in place, coordination and cooperation must be in place. The working mechanism must be in place.

   The third is to strengthen measures to comprehensively improve the effectiveness of village-level food safety information officers, focusing on the”three persistences”, adhere to problem orientation, and highlight work priorities; Insist on top-down linkage, highlight group prevention and group governance; insist on lowering the center of gravity and highlight grid supervision.