Xinyang Market Supervision Bureau issued Xinyang Maojian consumption warning
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  Scent of spring breeze ten miles of green tea. Be cautious about consumption and don’t be fooled strong>

“Xinyang Maojian Tea Picking Index” can reach second level in March of Yangchun, which indicates that China’s top ten famous tea-Xinyang Maojian has officially entered the mining period. Many non-local consumers have come here. Aiming at the hotspots of Xinyang Maojian tea consumption, the 12315 Command Center of Xinyang Market Supervision Administration issued a warm reminder:Spring breeze is ten miles of green tea, so be careful not to be fooled.

   purchase considerations

   1. Pay attention to the tea production time. Due to the weather this year, the output of Xinyang Maojianchun tea was small and the price was high. Some unscrupulous merchants took the opportunity to purchase fresh tea from other places for processing in Xinyang to pretend to be Xinyang Maojian. Consumers should pay attention to the difference in the picking time when buying. In many places, new tea is mined at the beginning of spring, and Xinyang Maojian is mined around Qingming. The picking time is different and the time to market is different. Consumers should pay attention to the tea production time when buying.

   Second, pay attention to the difference in the color of the tea soup. The tea soup of Xinyang Maojian is mostly tender green or yellow-green, the tea buds are slim in the cup, and the appearance is vivid and beautiful, while the tea from other places is blue-green. 3. Pay attention to the difference in taste and aroma. Xinyang Maojian tea soup has a rich taste, fresh and thick taste, relatively resistant to foaming, quick and strong in return, with obvious floral and fruity, chestnut aroma or delicate fragrance. The”high imitation” Xinyang Maojian tea soup of foreign tea is thin, light and astringent, without obvious taste. Back to sweetness, the aroma is weak and not lasting.

   Rights protection precautions

  1. The Xinyang City Market Supervision Bureau and the tea authority jointly launched a 100-day campaign to regulate and rectify the spring tea market to crack down on counterfeit, shoddy, and price Fraud, trademark infringement and other illegal activities, continue to strengthen the protection of Xinyang Maojian origin products, and effectively safeguard the interests of the majority of producers and consumers.

   2. Consumers should carefully check the product name, net content, production date, product standard code and production indicated on the tea packaging and its label when buying tea The name and address of the distributor and distributor. And keep good consumption vouchers, especially those who use WeChat or Alipay to keep transfer records, chat records and other related consumption vouchers.

The   12315 command center reminds consumers:If you encounter disputes when buying Maojian tea or receiving services, you should communicate and negotiate with the merchant in time. If the negotiation fails , It is necessary to call the 12315 hotline in time for complaints and reports.