Xi’an Customs helps Shaanxi to export gluten, a deep-processed food product
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   A few days ago, 22 tons of gluten produced by Shaanxi Fengcangyuan Grain Industry Development Co., Ltd., with a value of 31,000 US dollars, was successfully exported to the Philippines. Shaanxi Province’s grain deep-processed product gluten realized its first export. Up to now, Weinan Customs, affiliated to Xi’an Customs, has guaranteed 88 tons of gluten with a value of about 130,000 U.S. dollars to be exported to the Philippines and India.
   Gluten, also known as active gluten or wheat gluten, is a natural protein extracted from wheat (flour). As a nutrient-rich, high-quality and inexpensive plant-based protein source, it is widely used in pasta and meat products , Aquatic products and other food industries and aquaculture industries, have greater market potential.
   In order to help the newly established company in Weinan overcome the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and expand sales, Weinan Customs established an expert group to provide targeted assistance. Give full play to the role of the”single window”, promote”zero errands, easy handling”, realize the rapid filing of export food production enterprises, and enable enterprises to obtain export”passports”. Establish a”one-to-one” contact mechanism to actively push relevant regulations and standards in export areas to companies, help companies strengthen the hazard analysis of key control points in the production and processing process, establish and improve product self-inspection and self-control systems, and improve the overall management level of the company. A”package” of measures such as priority inspection, priority sample delivery, and priority testing will be delivered to the door to help companies control product quality and safety. Optimize the electronic account and customs declaration documents review for pre-export declarations, and implement a fast customs clearance model to help enterprises run faster.
   The person in charge of the company said that many orders have been signed with foreign customers, and a large amount of gluten will be exported in the future. This will provide guarantee for farmers to increase their income and enrich the grain industry in the jurisdiction.