Xiamen Xiang’an District Xindian Market Supervision and Administration Institute launched a special inspection of milk tea drinks
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   In recent years, various types of milk tea drinks are widely loved by young consumers for their bright colors, attractive appearance and delicious taste. Drinking a cup of milk tea on weekends or afternoon tea is indispensable for many office workers. Sense of ritual. As the weather is getting hotter and hotter for milk tea drinks, many online celebrity milk tea shop consumers have lined up, and online orders are full. In order to timely discover and eliminate hidden food safety hazards, implement food safety supervision responsibilities, and protect the happiness and safety of milk tea consumers”in the palm of their hands”, the Xindian Market Supervision and Administration Office recently launched a special inspection of milk tea beverages.
   This special inspection has covered more than 10 milk tea shops in the jurisdiction, many of which are popular among consumers. The law enforcement officers focused on checking whether the employees of the tea shop regulated wearing work clothes and hats, whether the operating premises were clean and tidy, whether the disinfection of catering equipment complied with the norms, whether all kinds of raw materials met food safety standards, and whether the system for requesting certificates and tickets was implemented. During the inspection, law enforcement officers found that the tea blender of a well-known milk tea shop did not standardize wearing masks, violating the”Regulations on Wearing Masks for Food Service Practitioners in Fujian Province”, which could easily cause food contamination during operation. In response, law enforcement officers issued a”Notice of Ordering Corrections” on the spot, ordering them to immediately correct the illegal acts. In addition, the law enforcement officers of the Xindian Office also observed and guided the on-site”tea making” process of each milk tea shop, requiring them to standardize the processing operation process to prevent food safety hazards such as cross-contamination.
   Next, the Xindian Market Supervision and Administration Office will continue to strengthen supervision and consolidate the results, and escort the safety of the majority of milk tea lovers”in the palm of your hand”.